Buffalo Soldiers to hold ‘Live Museum’ Feb. 17
The Mark Matthews Chapter of the 9th and 10th Calvary (Horse) Association will hold its annual Live Museum event Feb. 17, noon – 4 p.m. at the Freedom Support Center, 32 West Washington Street, Petersburg. The event will feature “in character” Buffalo Soldiers who have made their mark on... Read more
That was then… Home Ec
Sewing, ironing, cooking, and home management were once important talents for a young lady to learn as she approached adulthood and the end of her high school years. Fast food in the 1950s and ’60s was not quite the thing yet, and home cooking helped make those living in... Read more
This photograph, showing Major Augustus H. Drewry seated and surrounded by unknown family and/or friends, was taken in 1899, shortly before he passed away. It is believed that this photograph was taken at Westover Plantation, Drewry’sfamed home overlooking the James River. When Drewry, 49, married Mary Harrison, 24, in... Read more
Learn the basics of historic and modern-day herbalism with a two-hour interactive workshop at Henricus Historical Park on Nov.18 from 1-3 p.m. Discover how early colonists would have used herbs to treat their ailments and how much of this knowledge is still viable today. The class will be exploring... Read more
Enon Baptist Church has had a rich history and has always been a big part of the Enon community. Enon Baptist Church celebrated their anniversary on Oct. 8. John Alexander Strachan started holding worship and prayer services in his home at Point of Rocks in 1845. He and his... Read more
Located on Jefferson Davis Highway at the corner of the property slated for the Moore’s Lake Apartments project is a decaying building with a green tile roof and the word Pottery engraved above the front door. It’s last tenant was a feed and seed store, but in its heyday... Read more
Chesterfield tobacco Tobacco was a cash cow for Chesterfield in Colonial Times at Bermuda Hundred. During the mid-20th century, Chesterfield cigarettes, named after Chester, were one hot brand. With the slogan “They Satisfy,” the cigarette was launched by Drummond Tobacco in 1873. In 1898 Drummond was absorbed by American... Read more
It sits on a wooded lot near Centralia. Perched over Hedgelawn subdivision, the manor house Hedge Lawn, the namesake of the surrounding modern homes, Francis Lutz, the author of Chesterfield County Early Architecture and Historic Sites writes that Hedgelawn, grew to twice its size when a kitchen was added.... Read more
  This notable intersection of Iron Bridge and Centralia roads is known for the location of it cattycorner pharmacies junk food joints, banks and the shopping center with the latest victim of the Martin’s closings. At one time the northeast corner of that intersection was home to Wrexham before... Read more
That was then …    POWs
German POWs during WWII were held at Bellwood (DGSC). At its height, 2,000 POWs would be camped at Bellwood. As they arrived, they would build their own barra cks, athletic field and place of worship. A barbed-wire stockade circled the camp which was under surveillance by American M.P. guards... Read more