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Call Federal credit union’s new location in the Kroger Marketplace center has no tellers. A coffee bar just off the entrance sets the stage for conversation on two sofas in front of a large wall-size touch-screen monitor. Members may also choose one of the table tops large enough for... Read more
Two drivers traveling from Georgia brought the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile to Chester. Ketchup Kayla and Tasty T greeted sightseers at the Kroger grocery store in the Breckenridge Shopping Center and at the Kroger Marketplace on Iron Bridge Road Thursday. Sightseers took pictures with the Weinermobile, viewed the inside of... Read more
When David Potter was a teenager living with his grandparents, he was unsure about what career path he should take. Potter grew up with humble beginnings in Pikeville, Ky., and was destined to become a third generation coal miner. He said the mining town did not have many opportunities,... Read more
A great white oak tree has stood on Chesterfield’s courthouse lawn for over 200 years. Every 10 years, what has been come to known as the Nunnally white oak tree is measured in a formal ceremony and entered into county records. In 2011 the girth was measured at 17... Read more
Dec. 9  was an exciting and proud day for the Louth family. They attended their grandson’s graduation for army training in Fort Benning, Ga. and the Village News traveled along. Pictured with Pvt. Michael Ethan Louth are his grandparents Ray and Joan Louth. Read more
Virginia State University Music Education major Kristian Ruffis pump out some sounds on his trombone last week at the Bermuda Crossroads Shopping Center. For customers going into the shops, the music added additional pleasantries to the warm sunny day. He and a friend was were in the area and... Read more
Charmaine Crowell-White will present a one-woman show focused on slave life on he Montpelier plantation and the James and Dolley Madison White House. Through Sukey’s storytelling, Charmaine Crowell-White explores the personality and talents of Dolley Madison. She will have three performances of Sulkey: Life with Dolley Madison. The first... Read more
Seeing the smiles and hearing their voices ring out “I can see, I can see better” was a very big deal for Wayne Castleberry, committee chairman for local Rotary club’s project “We Can See Clearly Now.” Castleberry, along with members from Conexus Vision, the nation’s non-profit consumer advocacy group... Read more
Chester’s original “downtown” was a stop which was an intersection of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, running north to south, and the Clover Hill Railroad, which became the Bright Hope Railway, then the Farmville and Powhatan Railroad. In 1900, when the Richmond and Petersburg merged with the Atlantic Coast... Read more
There is a little-known gem in Chesterfield County Public School’s education system and it comes in the form of its Adult Continuing Education program. After working as a GED teacher for three years, Dawn Wells, the Adult Education Program Manager, came into this role five years ago. She said... Read more