Home, condominium and apartment builders have been fussing about cash proffers, (a fee added to each living unit to cover county infrastructure costs such as transportation, parks, schools, libraries and public safety.) Now the cash proffers have been cut in half. Until July 2016 the cash proffer greenbacks stacked... Read more
MEGA PROJECT MOVES AHEAD IN CHESTERFIELD Tranlin Inc. announced recently it has awarded a contract to Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. to design the site work for possibly the largest business in Chesterfield. The award was issued to further develop VASTLY’s (Shandong Tranlin Paper Co. Ltd.) greenfield construction mega-project in... Read more
$5.5 million purchase price 2012 property’s appraised value of $17.2 million. impact from sports tourism was $37.7 million in fiscal year 2016 $12.9 million increase from past fiscal year $7.1 million of that total a result of new sport tourism events Tax revenue county received $1.4 million during that... Read more
VN STAFF – Jobs and transportation go hand in hand. Recognizing the link between economic opportunity and transportation infrastructure that efficiently moves people and goods is paramount to a healthy local economy. The Richmond region and the Virginia Secretary of Transportation are conducting a study of a key jobs... Read more