Editor: Chester United Methodist Church has done it again! This past weekend they cut down “The Village Oak,” which had stood on the side of Harrowgate Road for hundreds of years and was listed on the National Register of Famous and Historic Trees. This tree was examined by an... Read more
To the editor: As a result of the recent megasite proposal, the Shoosmith landfill expansion application, other zoning cases and school issues, the leadership of Bermuda Advocates for Responsible Development realizes there is a need for a county-wide citizen advocacy group. Our experience with the county Economic Development Authority’s... Read more
By BeKura W. Shabazz On May 30 at KinderCare in Chester, children gathered all around a big colorful alphabet carpet to learn their first lessons about climate change, why it is important to take care of the earth and what are some of the things that they can do... Read more
The Stoney Glen South Homeowners Association surveyed our members in April of 2018 regarding their support of, or opposition to, the proposed Matoaca Megasite. The community voted overwhelmingly against the proposed heavy industrial megasite. The elected board of the Stoney Glen South Homeowners Association is firmly taking a stand... Read more
To the Editor: I attended the Chesterfield Cabinet informational breakfast on megasites on March 22 at John Tyler Community College. This was sponsored by ChamberRVA and I paid a fee to attend. I was very disappointed to learn that this was a pep rally in support of the megasite... Read more
To the Editor: After reading your article, “Mega Site gets positive response from businesses,” it’s no wonder residents fear getting involved in issues happening in their community. You report how once the announcement was made of this planned Megasite, “That’s about the time the shouting began.” BARD, formed in... Read more
To the Editor: Many caring citizens in our county and elsewhere spend many hours and dollars caring for other people’s cast-off cats, or ferals as many people like to describe them. Most of these cats began their lives as pets, but, because they became inconvenient, scratched the furniture, or... Read more
I read in the Village News, March 22, 2017 XIX No.32 issue, the front page editorial titled “Cat lovers concerned over new ordinance amendment” by Mark Fausz, Managing Editor. Cat lovers concern was not on the Board meeting agenda. A better title for a front-page news article would have... Read more