Obituaries September 13, 2017

Blankenship, Mr. Emmet Ryland “Buddy,” 71, of North Chesterfield. Brooks, Mr. Major Lewis, 81, of Chesterfield. Chilton, Mrs. Frances Britt Myrick, 86, of Chesterfield, widow of Thomas Harrington Chilton Sr. Davis, Mrs. Mildred Elsie, 71, of Chesterfield, wife of Robert Davis. Dubay, Mrs. Paula Ferro, 90, of Chester, widow of Eugene R. “Gene” Dubay.... Read more


Obituaries September 7, 2017

Crisp, Mr. James, 55, of North Chesterfield, widower of Judy Crisp. Greene, Dr. Heather Allison, 46, of North Chesterfield, wife of Torill Yamarik. Hill, Mr. James Richard Sr., 94, of Chesterfield, a World War II Navy veteran, widower of Pearl Hill. Jester, Mr. Joe Mercer, 71, of Chesterfield, husband of Barbara Woodson Jester.... Read more


Obituaries August 9, 2017

Bage, Mr. Robert Franklin, 58, of Chester, husband of Beverly Dawn Bage. Collins, Mrs. Barbara, 80, of Chester, widow of Frederick Collins. Dodson, Mr. Isaac “Ike” Burton, 94, of Chesterfield, a Navy veteran, husband of Jessalyn Ruth “Bootsie” Dodson. Fletcher, Mr. Jack Darl Sr., 79, of North Chesterfield, an Army veteran, husband of... Read more

Recently Deceased

Obituaries August 3, 2017

Appelman, Mr. Robert James “Bobby,” 72, of Chesterfield, a Vietnam War-era Navy veteran, husband of Patricia Appelman. Cook, Mrs. Constance Childress Thrift, 90, of Chesterfield, widow of Webster B. Thrift and Jack C. Cook. Darby, Mrs. Gale Martin, 63, of Chesterfield, wife of Doug Darby. Dillon, Mrs. Betty Nipper, 83, of Chesterfield, wife... Read more
Akery, Ms. Dorothy Burns, of Chesterfield. Clancy, Mr. David Acres Jr., 41, of Chesterfield. Bradley, Mrs. Gwendolyn Rose, 71, of Chesterfield, widow of Samuel Bradley. Brown, Miss Karen Marie, 56, of North Chesterfield. Fisher, Mrs. Rosa Catherine Pruden, 88, of North Chesterfield, wife of Carl B. Fisher and widow of Robert C. Creasy. Johndro, Mr.... Read more
Calhoun, Mr. Michael R. Sr., of Chesterfield, husband of Rebecca Calhoun. Clayton, Mr. William Jennings, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran who served during World War II, widower of Kathryn Clayton. Howell, Mrs. Bettie Tobey, 66, of Chesterfield, wife of James Larry Howell. Kendall, Mr. George Matthew, 42, of Chester, husband of Sheri Kendall.... Read more
Baltz, Mrs. Ethel Capel, 91, of Chesterfield, widow of Stuart Koch Baltz. Bowles, Mr. Fontaine Knight, 87, of North Chesterfield, a Navy veteran, husband of Carolyn Harrison Bowles. Garcia, Mr. Frank, 86, of Chesterfield, served in the Army, husband of Martha Garcia. Graham, Mr. James Eugene, 79, of Chesterfield, served in the Air... Read more
Aikey, Mrs. Margaret Anne, 89, of North Chesterfield, wife of Harold Aikey. Arnold, Mrs. Cacilia, of Chesterfield, widow of Alfred James Arnold. Baltz, Mrs. Lucy Capel, 89, of Chesterfield, wife of Louis W. Baltz. Coleman, Mr. Hugh Jett, 86, of Chesterfield, a veteran of the Virginia Army National Guard, husband of Louise Penny... Read more
Atkins, Mrs. Elizabeth Lamb “Libbie,” 72, of Chesterfield, an Army retiree who served at Fort Lee, wife of Edward Atkins. Blade, Mrs. Elaine May Clark, 78, of Chesterfield, widow of Charles “Joe” Blade. Cason, Mr. Lewis Jr., 56, of Chesterfield. Hansboro, Mr. Jeff, of North Chesterfield, an Air Force veteran. husband of Bertha... Read more
Alspaugh, Mr. Kenneth Melvin, 84, of North Chesterfield, a Korean War veteran, husband of Elizabeth Thomas Alspaugh. Atkins, Mrs. Elizabeth Lamb “Libbie,” 72, of Chesterfield, an Army retiree who served at Fort Lee, wife of Edward Atkins. Ballard, Ms. Kristian Brooks, 34, of South Chesterfield. Barner, Mr. Kevin T., 21, of Chester. Bates, Mr.... Read more