Kathryn Dale Shockley, 64, of Chester, passed away Aug. 4, 2019. She is survived by her loving and devoted husband of over 20 years, James “Jimmy” Shockley. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019 and Monday, Aug. 12, at the Chester... Read more

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Obituaries August 13, 2019

ABOULHOSN, Nidal Jamil, 60, of North Chester, husband of Donia Aboulhosn. BARHAM, Carroll D., 71, of Chester. BARRETT, Evelyn Williams, 77, of Chesterfield, widow of Roy Barrett. BENNETT, Thomas E., 87, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran, husband of Muriel R. Bennett. BELLFLOWER, Helen Augusta, 96, of Chester, widow of Horace Bellflower. CALL, Donna L., 66,... Read more

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Obituaries August 6, 2019

BENNETT, Sally Marie, 69, of Chester. BENTLEY, Mary Elizabeth, 56, of Chesterfield. ELLIS, Sydney Whiting, 76, of Chesterfield, wife of Bobby D. Ellis. FARMER, William R., 84, of Chesterfield, a National Guard veteran, husband of Patricia Farmer. FLETCHER, Raymond Lawrence, 56, of Chesterfield. FORD, Keith Nolan, 68, of Chester, husband of Rebecca Ford. GERRING, Michael W.,... Read more
Bennett, Sally Marie, 69, of Chesterfield. Bingham, Alfred Joseph Jr., 53, of Chesterfield, husband of Anita Bingham. Doty, Albert Edgar Jr., 72, of Chesterfield, a Marine Corps veteran, husband of Andrea Doty. Hesler, Lee J., 77, of Chesterfield, husband of Jane Hesler. Hodges, Velma J., 85, of Chesterfield, widow of Vaden H. Hodges. Jaynes, Walker... Read more
Ackerman, Jayleigh Noelle, 2, of Chester. Allen, Anne King, 90, of Chesterfield. Allen, Josephine Ferguson, 81, of Chester, widow of Luther G. Allen. Bobbitt, Dorothy Carter, 93, of Chesterfield. Booker, Angela Naomi, 22, of Chester. Camp, Billy Joe, 76, of Chesterfield. Cobaugh, Mildred I., 85, of Chesterfield, widow of Donald Cobaugh Sr. Cottrell, David Fred, of North... Read more
Ansay, Faith Elnora, 84, of Chester, widow of William Albert Ansay. Barnes, Geraldine Braswell, 86, of Chesterfield, widow of Daniel Alexander Barnes. Bonds, Bobby B., 80, of Chesterfield, a Marine Corps veteran, widower of Mary Elizabeth Bonds. Desmond, Madeline Cecelia, 29, of Chesterfield. Garner, Danny L., 71, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran. Hazlewood, Brenda Newkirk,... Read more
Marjory “Peach” Goyne Janssen, 94, passed away with family by her side on June 8, 2019, in Denton, Texas. She was born April 8, 1925, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She grew up in Chester, Va., where she graduated from Chester High School, now Thomas Dale High School, in 1942. She... Read more
Bassard, Knowlton H., 86, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran, widower of Bettye Bassard. Buzzo, James Ronald, 78, of Chesterfield, an Army Reserve veteran, husband of Serena Farmer Buzzo. Coffey, Frances, 84, of Chester, wife of James E. Coffey. Coppridge, Kenneth, 73, of North Chesterfield, husband of Sheila Coppridge. Crostic, William Seldon Sr., 89, of... Read more
Agosto, Victor Jr., 54, of Chesterfield, husband of Tonya Agosto. Anderson, George Bradley III, 71, of Chesterfield, a U.S. Air Force veteran, husband of Juanita Dempsey Anderson. Austin, Carolyn Faye, 78, of Chesterfield, widow of Garland E. Austin Sr. Bailey, Benjamin Howard, 88, of Chester, widower of Jacqueline Kerr Vaughan Bailey. Bennett, Michael Scott,... Read more
Allen, Myrtiemae W., 82, of Chesterfield. Arrighi, Stephen Sr., 70, of Chesterfield. Brooks, Curtis, 58, of North Chesterfield, husband of Lorrie Brooks. Crostic, Wyatt Doug, 77, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran, widower of Shirley Crostic. Davis, Ronald Croxton, 83, of Chesterfield, a Navy veteran, widower of Mary Ann Davis. Hairfield, Linda Jenkins, 71, of Chester,... Read more