Boyle, Mr. Joseph Clennie, 31, of Chesterfield. Burch, Mr. Waller Price III, 77, of Chesterfield, widower of Jean Meredith Burch. Chappell, Mrs. Eleanor Toler, 84, of Chesterfield, widow of Lloyd H. Chappell Sr. Clayton, Mr. Daryl Wade, 60, of Chester. Collazo, Mr. Antonio Gilbert, 77, of Chester, a retired Air Force chief master... Read more
Baltz, Mr. Stuart Koch, 90, of Chesterfield, a World War II Army veteran, husband of Ethel Capel Baltz. De Priest, Ms. Velma “Sister” G., 65, of North Chesterfield. Dickson, Mrs. Rebecca T., 56, of North Chesterfield, wife of Dennis S. Proffitt Sr. Dudding, Mr. Richard Aubrey Sr., 80, of Chesterfield, husband of Virginia... Read more
Beck, Mrs. Polly L., of Chesterfield County, widow of Claude L. Beck. Beale, Mr. William Rudolph “Billy,” 79, of Chester, a Navy veteran, husband of Brenda Carol Beale. Bicking, Mr. Lee McCaul, 59, of Chesterfield, husband of Ann Edmonds Bicking. Bowen, Mrs. Marie Worsham, 94, of Chesterfield, widow of Marion Bowen. Campbell, Mrs. Juanita... Read more
Austin, Mrs. Katheryn Arnall, 88, of Chesterfield, wife of Joseph E. Austin Jr. Barker, Mr. Henry Allen, 86, of Chesterfield, widower of Winnie Barker. Bass, Mrs. Dorothy M., 78, of Chesterfield, widow of Ira Woodson “Woody” Bass. Black, Mr. Mark A. Sr., 59, of Chester. Burgess, Mr. Gerry Ross, 76, of Chesterfield, a U.S.... Read more
Atkins, Mrs. Linda C., 74, of Chesterfield, wife of Robert Wayne Atkins. Bartelt, Mr. Ronald Abbott, 68, of Chesterfield, husband of Becky Bartelt. Britton, Ms. Patricia Vojtaskovic, 74, of Chester. Brown, Mr. Louis Sr., of Chesterfield. Currie, Mr. James Robert, 95, of Chesterfield. Daniel, Ms. Denecia N. “Dee”, of North Chesterfield. Fuquay, Mr. Harry L., 74,... Read more
Coulson, Mrs. Virginia Ardary, 91, of Chester, widow of Marshall Coulson. Evans, Mr. Ted, 77, of Chesterfield. Johnson, Mrs. G. Dolores, 88, of Chesterfield, widow of George Henry Johnson. Johnson, Mrs. Mary Dee, 75, of Henrico, wife of Robert Johnson. Lemelin, Mr. Donald Roberts, 82, of North Chesterfield, husband of Jeannette Lemelin. Saunders, Mr. David... Read more
Blake, Mr. William H. “Herbie,” 55, of Chesterfield. Brewster, the Rev. John M., 58, of Chesterfield. Bristow, Mrs. Opal Tusing, 95, of Chesterfield, widow of F.A. Bristow Jr. Brown, Mrs. Margaret Joan, 81, of Chesterfield. Cerritelli, Ms. Crystal Lynn, 32, of Chester, fiancée of Michael Latuche. Childress, Mrs. Louise Mary Cary, 99, of Chester,... Read more
Andrews, Mr. Leslie “Bubba” M. Jr., 73, of Matoaca, a Navy veteran, husband of Janie Skinner Andrews. Baugh, Mrs. Marjorie Edwards, 76, of Chesterfield, wife of Richard Baugh. Carson, Mr. Terry Marshall II, 44, of Chesterfield, husband of Natalia Gonzalez. Crews, Mrs. Pattie H. “Louise,” 93, of Chesterfield, widow of Earl Thompson Crews.... Read more
Allison, Mr. Joseph Eugene, 78, of Chesterfield, a Marine Corps veteran. Boisseau, Mr. Howard H. Sr., 93, of North Chesterfield, widower of Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson Boisseau. DiCarlo, Mr. John David, 53, of Chesterfield, husband of Kathleen K. DiCarlo. Dieterich, Mr. Warren C., of North Chesterfield, a retired Army chief warrant officer and... Read more
Ambrose, Mr. David C. Sr., 64, of North Chesterfield. Bell, Mr. Wayne E., 60, of Chesterfield, a Navy veteran. Breeding, Mr. Silas Sr., 75, of North Chesterfield, widower of Pearlene Breeding. Brown, Ms. Angela Kay, 51, of North Chesterfield. Dahmus, Mrs. Mildred M. Kling, 96, of Chesterfield, widow of Dr. Joseph Dahmus. Fisk, Mr. Arthur... Read more