Armstrong, Noel, 84, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran, husband of Jean Kelly. Baker, Winnifrid, 55, of Chesterfield. Burch, Evelyn Delores Chaffin, 90, of Chester, widow of Grayson Burch Sr. Cozad, Lena Humphreys, 90, of North Chesterfield, widow of Ray Humphreys and William Cozad. Crooks, Timothy O., 67, of Chesterfield, husband of Cynthia Johnson Crooks.... Read more
Barker, Ethel A., 79, of Chesterfield. Bennardo, Barbara C. Allen, 50, of Chesterfield, wife of Christopher Bennardo. Bradby, Margret E., of North Chesterfield. Campbell, Loretta Mae, 80, of Chester, widow of William E. Campbell. Crist, Charlotte Edens, 79, of Chester, wife of David J. Crist. Davis, Debra, 59, of Chesterfield. Dickerson, Dale Marie, 71, of North... Read more
Avent, Eleanor Gray Sublett, 97, of Chester, widow of Jesse Benjamin Avent. Bare, Douglas Fleming, 78, of Chesterfield, a Navy veteran, husband of Karen Bare. Clark, Sharon Kellam, 57, of Chesterfield, widow of Barry Clark. Council, Charles Lee, 66, of North Chesterfield. Fogazzi, William Joseph Sr., 96, of Chester, a Marine Corps veteran, widower... Read more
Bishop, Phillip Michael, 38, of Chesterfield. Crump, George Levis, 103, of Chesterfield, a Navy veteran, widower of Frances Russell Crump. Field, Faith Gayle, 53, of Chesterfield. Jenkins, Alice Trainham, 78, of Chesterfield. Kennedy, Amy, 92, of Chesterfield, widow of Perry Kennedy Jr. King, Betty Ferrell, 94, of Chester, widow of Richard M. King Sr. Luck, Hilliard... Read more
Barber, Roger “Bobby” Leon Sr., 67, of North Chesterfield, husband of Dawn B. Barber. Barron, Charles Edward, 66, of Chesterfield, husband of Dorothy Barron. Cartte, Evelyn Mae, 81, of North Chesterfield, widow of Charles H. Cartte. Cox, Jeffrey, 47, of Chesterfield. Crowley, James A., 65, of Chesterfield, husband of Dawn Crowley. Harris, Katherine Elkins Stefi,... Read more
Barbour, Steven Phillip, 55, of Chester. Blankenship, Gerald Coyle, 81, of Chesterfield, an Air Force veteran, husband of Nancy Blankenship. Bridgers, Kinnie Rhoden Jr., 96, of North Chesterfield, an Army veteran, widower of Eleanor G. Bridgers. Cox, Gary Ray, 57, of Chesterfield, husband of Tracy Shumaker Cox. Cumbea, Russell Rawlings Jr., 85, of North... Read more

Recently deceased

Obituaries April 30, 2019

Bailey, Damon E. “Skipper” II, 72, of Chesterfield, husband of Bonita Bailey. Brown, Horace W., 65, of North Chesterfield. Cimino, Fred Joseph Jr., 89, of Chester, husband of Florence M. Cimino. Curtin, Peter, 70, of Chesterfield. Dillard, Terry Edward, 59, of Chester, husband of Emily M. Dillard. Foreman, Melanie Gail, 21, of Chesterfield. Hamm, Edgar Richard... Read more
Beverly L. Sheffield
Beverly L. Sheffield, 78, of Chester, Va., passed away after a long-term illness on Friday, April 19, 2019 at her residence. She was born to the late Wilbur Leadbetter and Belle Ennis on Aug. 13, 1940 and was a member of Ivey Memorial United Methodist Church. Mrs. Sheffield enjoyed... Read more

Recently deceased

Obituaries April 23, 2019

Anderson, Corinna S., 80, of Chesterfield. Bala, Sundersingh, 80, of Chester. Barnes, Carolyn Davis, 79, of Chesterfield, widow of William Michael Barnes. Bass, Phyllis Kellar, 84, of Chester, wife of Roger Thompson Bass. Baumgarten, Julia Elena, 89, of Chesterfield, wife of John A. Baumgarten. Capel, Alice “Joyce,” 78, of North Chesterfield. Chalkley, William Earl, 56, of... Read more

Recently deceased

Obituaries April 16, 2019

Adkins, Frankie S., 81, of Chesterfield Anderson, Corinna Shipp, 81, of North Chesterfield. Cahoon, June Woodfin, 83, of Chesterfield, widow of Eugene Cahoon Sr. Dabney, Lillie O’Dell, 98, of Chesterfield, widow of James Dabney Jr. Fisher, Lyndon Kelsey, 92, of North Chesterfield, an Army Air Forces veteran who served in World War II,... Read more