It’s all about quality time for Davis-Kelley
Renita Davis-Kelley’s mother always told her “When you’re nice and kind to people, that will always show up,” and that has been Davis-Kelley’s motto ever since. The teacher believes being nice and kind and showing students that she cares goes a long way and it will make the environment... Read more
Although they weren’t happy about it, the Chesterfield County Public Schools board unanimously approved a $726.9 million operating fund request for Fiscal Year 2020-21 during a special meeting on Feb. 25.  The proposed financial plan was reduced from Superintendent Merv Daugherty’s initial request in January of $777.3 million.  The... Read more
Pilgrim’s progress
Beulah kindergarten teacher sees where it all begins Lauren Pilgrim became a teacher because of her fourth-grade teacher. Pilgrim said she always enjoyed teaching and she was doing it even when she didn’t know she was.  Pilgrim viewed teaching as a gift and her passion, so she went back... Read more
Building the foundation for academics
Life has a funny way of directing you where you want to go, according to Anna Reilly. Reilly always wanted to teach since she was little, but she started out in another career before she switched to education.  Reilly worked as an office coordinator for a medical equipment company... Read more
Harlow builds relationships to overcome classroom obstacles
As a child, Lauren Harlow struggled in school with reading and writing, but it is now her favorite subject to teach.  The Hopkins Elementary teacher said some students come in not even knowing how to write their names, or what their names look like, but are reading books at... Read more
After a few twists and turns, Sthreshley inspired to teach
Shawn Sthreshley is a Title I instructional coach at Hening Elementary, but the road he took to get there was anything but straightforward. When he was younger, Sthreshley wanted to be a preacher, and he gave sermons on the back porch. During high school, his dreams shifted to being... Read more
Festa enjoys teaching the first grade
Kaitlyn Festa gets hugs almost every day from current and former students at Elizabeth Scott Elementary, which she called the “best feeling.”  Festa gets to see her students even after they move up to higher grades and said they return to give her hugs.  “My kids know that it’s... Read more
Robenson enjoys teaching kindergarten
Marguerite Christian Elementary’s Teacher of the Year had dreams of being a social worker and started her career at Richmond Memorial Hospital. Sarah Robenson did short-term rehabilitation and was responsible for assisting patients with care once they returned home, or she placed them in a nursing home if they... Read more
Burnett enjoys keeping her students guessing
“The louder, the better” is Kimberly Burnett’s teaching philosophy. She is a self-proclaimed “hands-on, out-of-the-box teacher” who likes to transform her classroom in order to keep her students guessing. “It’s almost like we’re in competition with their life outside of school and their video games and their constant movement,... Read more
McDougald enjoys teaching kindergarten
Kelly McDougald is completely content being a kindergarten teacher for the rest of her career. McDougald calls teaching kindergarten her passion. She began as a special education teacher in kindergarten and first grade, but switched because she wanted to be on the “general education” side in a collaborative setting.... Read more