Playing for the best team in the Chesterfield area allows a lot of players to generate buzz. For L.C. Bird, there are so many players that can be the leading scorer every night. There’s the obvious in seniors Kenny Williams and C.J. Miles, who have led the team in... Read more
The Matoaca Warriors clinched their second consecutive Conference 12 Championship on Saturday. Neal Richards earned his second All-Academic honor and second Wrestler of the Year accolade in the first two years of Conference 12. For Matoaca, all things were right in the wrestling world. Eleven of 12 participants advanced... Read more
Leap frog is a popular children’s game, played on playgrounds everywhere. The premise is simple; you crouch like a frog, and someone behind you “hops” over you. “Ribbiting” is optional. Titiana Marsh, a freshman at Thomas Dale isn’t that far removed from those playground days, but her triple jump... Read more
Coaches, along with parents and teachers, are some of the most impactful people that a young person will cross paths with. For Dickie King, a 1966 graduate of Staunton Military Academy that attended and ran track for four years at Thomas Dale, this was an opportunity to recognize the... Read more
If you have a World Series trophy sitting in your home, you would have to think that life had been pretty good. For former 1984 World Series Champion Johnny Grubb, things got even better as he was elected into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame as a member of... Read more
Richard Legree Senior Forward Meadowbrook Legree, a 6-foot-6 swing man is one of the more under recruited players in the area, but it’s not because he doesn’t have game. His exposure levels were down this summer because he was unable to play AAU. Long and athletic, the senior is... Read more
Kenny Williams III, L.C. Bird’s senior swingman, is a skilled basketball player. Williams is the newest Virginia Commonwealth University Ram, fulfilling his dream of attending the school after meeting head coach Shaka Smart in his freshman year. The Skyhawk is, by definition, a basketball player. It consumes his life.... Read more
L.C. Bird point guard Taja Cole is signed to the University of Louisville and will be a Cardinal next season. The point guard liked the upbeat tempo of their offense and her play style fits like a glove in that type of system. Like all athletes, there’s much more... Read more
Devin Morgan is known as a star on the basketball court, but his humble attitude and personality is what unites Matoaca’s basketball team and interests colleges in his abilities. Morgan has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember, starting out on his Fisher-Price basketball hoop and... Read more
According to linebacker Demond Bailey, one of Meadowbrook’s defensive leaders, there’s something different about this year’s version of the Monarchs. “There’s a big difference,” said Bailey. “The whole team is all in.” Bailey, who himself is a story of “being all-in,” comes back after a concussion knocked him out... Read more