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July 19, 2014 - 10:00am
September 27, 2014 - 7:00pm


Mom's home

After a brief introduction by the assistant principal at Elizabeth Davis Middle School, they saw her walk into the room. There were tears and smiles from all five as they ran to greet her.

SAFE expands partnerships with HVAC companies to curb teen abuse of refrigerants

Adolescents who inhale refrigerants from air conditioning units can die or damage their brains — and the refrigerant is easy to access through a unit’s service valve. To prevent access to the toxic gas, Substance Abuse Free Environment Inc., or SAFE, initiated a partnership with HVAC companies last spring to provide locking caps to homeowners at no charge.

Pre-K Prom at Goddard

The Chesterfield Goddard School held their fourth annual prom for their four- and five-years olds. “This year was our biggest event as we invited children from our own Private Kindergarten class,” said Lisa Stone, manager for the school.

Weekly calendar

Wednesday, March 21
The Shepherd Center of Chesterfield Spring Adventures in Learning classes continue.  8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Chester Baptist Church.  School St.  For more information call 706-6689 or email

American Red Cross Web of Hope Knit/crochet classes.  10 a.m.  Chester Baptist Church, School St.  Details:  Angela Guastella at 530-0871 or Linda Southward at 779-3453.

Playing the blues not living them

What’s your definition of fun? Work? Sports? Reading? Music? Most of you will pass on work, not many men will pass on sports, many will eliminate reading, but who would ever say music isn’t fun. Unless it William Hung of American Idol fame.

Volunteers to hold fund raiser for cancer fund

Frank McDavid was simply a man; yet he was an important man in the scheme of a little program called the Virginia Cancer Patient Fund (VCPF.)

From 10 feet to 10k

Jerry Rowe – a self-proclaimed “hefty child” – tipped the scales at 564 pounds in October 2010, categorizing him as morbidly obese and putting him at risk of premature death.