• Constitution Clock

    Constitution with key wind-up wall clock with pendulum, 21”x9”; $50. 804-796-5701

  • Cabinet Stereo

    Fisher, 1959 cabinet stereo. Phonograph/AM/FM. 804-310-4704

  • Old Well Pump

    Two old well pumps. 804-590-9245

  • Elvis Memorabilia

    Elvis enthusiast's memorabilia collection. Some items are rare. 804-892-5130

  • Oak Dresser - Nightstand

    Antique oak dresser with mirror; $125. Antique oak nightstand; $40. 804-748-7696

  • Musical Globe

    Toy Story musical glove, LN. 651-7414

  • PacMan Collector's Item

    Two different patterns of '80s Pac Man drinking glasses, EC. BO $20. 631-6117, 479-2341

  • Occupied Japan

    Occupied Japan, 90 plus pieces. Info, 804-739-9632.

  • Sports Cards

    Sports cards, all types. Will sell 1 or 2 or several or whole collection. 804-894-1329

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