• Edwin Lewis Cole Cassettes

    Sets of Edwin Lewis Cole cassettes and other Christian ministers, EC. Cash only. 526-7255

  • Fantasia Video

    Collectible final release of Walt Disney's Fantasia video, never opened; $35 cash. 526-7255

  • Portable DVD Player

    Portable DVD player with 5” screen; $35. DVD home player; $20. 804-722-1095

  • Direct-TV Box

    Two Direct-TV boxes; one Dricet-TV+DVR box; $100 all. 804-722-1095

  • Game Cube

    Nintendo Game Cube with two-game disc; $50. 804-722-1095

  • Electric Typewriter

    Royal 2001 series electric portable typewriter with case & ribbons, EC; $75 OBO. 530-4623

  • Music Center

    Wooden music center with recordable CD player, new in box. 804-349-3197

  • Cube

    Game Cube with 17 games; $100. 804-536-0417

  • TV Game - Toy Story

    Toy Story TV game, all the components with 3D glasses, new. 651-7414

  • Easy Share 35mm

    Kodak Easy Share 35mm digital camera, 8 megapixel, including connection chords, user manual. 651-7414

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