• Handcrafted Violin

    Handcrafted full size violin in case with new bow; $1,000 OBO. 804-526-6210

  • 1950s Guitar

    Silverton 1950s acoustic guitar, built-in Bigsby treble known as wawa; $150. 526-6210

  • B-flat Clarinet

    B-flat Bundy clarinet, working, GC, in case; $70. 804-526-6210

  • Bundy Trombone

    Bundy trombone without case; $40. 804-526-6210

  • Tenor Trombone

    Working tenor trombone by Bundy, in hard case; $60. 526-6210

  • Acoustic Parlor Guitar

    Acoustic parlor guitar, 18-fret, made in Korea; $70. 804-526-6210

  • Antique Clarinet

    Antique silver clarinet by Madelon, in case; $60. 804-526-6210

  • Long-neck Banjo

    Long-neck five-string banjo, hard nylon head, w/11” metal bow; $150. 526-6210

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