What's Up: Upcoming Events

Water/sewer rates could increase with new budget

Basic utilities prices for the average homeowner could go up in July if the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors (BOS) votes to increase them on March 28 as part of the 2013 annual budget. A public hearing is to be held on March 14 to get public input on the changes.

High-speed rail legislation works through Assembly

As the 2012 Virginia General Assembly session nears its schedule end date, but not its expected end date, the budget bills which include the money for Virginia’s Intercity Passenger Rail Operating and Capital Fund (IPROC) and the Commonwealth’s Regional Trains, are stalled in the Virginia Senate.

Volunteers to hold fund raiser for cancer fund

Frank McDavid was simply a man; yet he was an important man in the scheme of a little program called the Virginia Cancer Patient Fund (VCPF.)

From 10 feet to 10k

Jerry Rowe – a self-proclaimed “hefty child” – tipped the scales at 564 pounds in October 2010, categorizing him as morbidly obese and putting him at risk of premature death.

Food allergies are a growing concern for CCPS

Sometimes it takes a tragedy for action to be taken in a certain area. The residents of Chesterfield County experienced just that back in January when a 1st grader died while in school due to an allergic reaction which caused an anaphylactic shock.

Monarchs' soccer kicks-off season with new leadership

Through past seasons, Meadowbrook’s soccer program has started to move in the right direction. Under new head coach Bill Rudd it looks as if the Monarchs may be in a position to grow even more and pose a big time challenge to Central District opposition.

Harrowgate Athletics faces rough road ahead

The Harrowgate Athletic Association and its new leadership needs your help.

Many had to dig deep for new dugouts at Thomas Dale

Many times it takes the determination of one very special person to fill a need. It is also a very special community to come together and stand with that person and accomplish the goal.