What's Up: Upcoming Events

Tourism Manager hired by Chesterfield County

John Watt has been on the job for less than two weeks now, and he has his hands full. He is the newly hired Manager of Tourism that will organize and promote tourism for the county.

Volunteer organizations thank BOS for help

Each year at the Board of Supervisors’ budget public hearing, the volume of speakers can approach a number that forces those waiting in their seats to fidget. There are a variety of speakers who want to thank the Board of Supervisors for past contributions to their cause; a number of citizens are asking for continued or increased support and some just want to complain about the system.

Covering development’s schools cost contentious at Iron Bridge Corner

The amendment to zoning of the Iron Bridge Corner LC request will be heard on March 28. The case may set a precedent concerning how many bedrooms constitutes a unit that qualifies for school proffers.

Former Chesterfield Director of Human Resources wins appeal of discrimination lawsuit

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit today reversed a district court decision and ruled that former Chesterfield County Director of Human Resources Karla Gerner will be allowed to pursue her claim of wrongful termination due to alleged sexual discrimination.

Attention Skyhawks class of ‘97

The L.C. Bird class of ‘97 last week, announced their 15th year reunion. The reunion will be held on the evening of August 18, 2012.

SAFE expands partnerships with HVAC companies to curb teen abuse of refrigerants

Adolescents who inhale refrigerants from air conditioning units can die or damage their brains — and the refrigerant is easy to access through a unit’s service valve. To prevent access to the toxic gas, Substance Abuse Free Environment Inc., or SAFE, initiated a partnership with HVAC companies last spring to provide locking caps to homeowners at no charge.

Pre-K Prom at Goddard

The Chesterfield Goddard School held their fourth annual prom for their four- and five-years olds. “This year was our biggest event as we invited children from our own Private Kindergarten class,” said Lisa Stone, manager for the school.

Changes are made in proposed 2012-2013 calendar

Comments from teachers, parents and others led to changes in the calendar proposed for the 2012-13 school year: