As the Special Session on congressional redistricting quickly approaches, OneVirginia2021 urges transparency during this time-crunched session and calls on leaders of both parties to respond to basic questions about the maps they will present. “While we must ultimately have an independent commission to solve this problem, there are short-term steps the General Assembly can take to... Read more
Sales Tax Holidays A new Virginia law combines three separate sales-tax holiday periods into one, from Aug. 7 through Aug. 9. Hurricane preparedness, exemption on school supplies and clothing, and a four-day exemption on items designated as Energy Star. Details: and click the “Learn more” link. Old-Fashioned Doll Day... Read more
Photo Contest: Week 4/5
TO VOTE ON PHOTOS CLICK HERE The Village News Summer Fun Photo Contest is in its fifth week and has received several entries.  More entries will be publish in the next issues. The contest will continue through August 26.  Send your entries to  Be sure to include your name and... Read more
Aesthetics, Amenities and History
Many of the area’s historic houses have gone the way of the wrecking ball or lack of tender loving care, but some that have been in danger and close to extinction have been saved by those who have an affinity for great old houses. One Chester home found its... Read more
By now you have heard about Uber and Lyft services that allow you to get a taxi-type ride with an individual by using your smart phone to order a ride. You can also participate by offering a ride to others and making a few bucks yourself. If you are... Read more
August 5 CHESTERFIELD COUNTY FARMERS MARKET – 3– 6 p.m. Chesterfield County Government Complex on Mimms Loop. SUMMER OF STEAM: DECORATING WITH ELECTRICITY. Central Library. 1– 3 p.m. Using conductive copper tape, mini LED stickers and imagination, learn about basic circuits by creating one-of-a-kind designs that light up. Registration... Read more
Random Act of Kindness
A few weeks ago, Yvonne and Otis Royster stopped by Little Caesars Pizza to pick-up 12 pizzas for the Bingo Party at McGuire Veterans Hospital. Ms. Royster had six pizzas stacked in hand when passing a car with three teenagers. She was surprised when one of the boys offered... Read more
Chigger bites are a regular summertime annoyance in Central Virginia. Most commonly found in grassy fields, gardens, forest areas, and parks, chiggers thrive in moist, vegetated areas with high humidity, hitching a ride on the unsuspecting human passer-by. Also called the harvest mite or red mite, chiggers are the... Read more
Some folks subscribe to the theory “if it does not fit, get a bigger hammer.” Not so fast my fellow garden enthusiasts. Read the directions – or in this case the label –when it comes to pesticides. First, what is a pest? A pest is an animal, insect, disease,... Read more