After my retirement from the fire service, I let my paramedic certification expire. I guess that many believe “once a paramedic, nurse or doctor, always one.” Many of my immediate, extended and church family still come to me when an injury or illness occurs. Last week was no exception,... Read more
Woman’s Club Supply Books for Summer Reading
The Woman’s Club of Chester presents a check to Harrowgate Elementary School Principal Dr. Patrice Wilson to support the school’s summer reading program. The funds have allowed for the purchase of a large variety of books to be used for the school’s community book mobile. If you live in... Read more
Civitans Show Appreciation
Harley Young, Chester Civitan Candy Box Chairperson, recently presented a certificate of appreciation to Tina Phillingane, one of the managers of the Chester Shoney’s in the Bermuda Square Shopping Center on Jefferson Davis Highway. Shoney’s has led all Chester Civitan Candy Box locations in collecting donations for the past... Read more
Meantime, there have been other winners in recent days as well. Among them are Angela Leyco of Chester, Va. She won one million dollars on July 4. “Angela Leyco of Chester, Va. drove down to the Outer Banks on Friday to spend the holiday weekend with her daughter. Just as she... Read more
Recovering from anorexia nervosa, a local resident is starting a support group for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. During the summer, the group will do activities together just to have fun and get people’s minds off of their disorders, even if it is only for an hour. The... Read more
Emily Phillips graduates cum laude, pursues masters
The parents of 2015 Virginia Tech graduate Emily Phillips, Kathy and Ed Phillips, said it took a village to get her daughter through school, emphasizing support from Emily’s teachers at Thomas Dale High School, as well as community support at Virginia Tech. Phillips graduated cum laude on May 16,... Read more


DogpoundUncategorized July 15, 2015

Welcome to the Dogpound where we have a sad announcement to make. With a heavy heart I had to make the tough decision to put Max asleep. He was no longer mobile without my assistance, he barely ate which caused him to continue to lose weight, and his bed... Read more
The 2015 State Fair of Virginia, dedicated to showcasing the best of Virginia, is seeking the state’s most vibrant arts and crafts, the most delicious baked and preserved foods, the lushest plants and crops, the hardiest livestock and the most skilled equestrians for this year’s competitions. Room also is... Read more
Latino Decisions to Unveil Updated Models on the New Target Threshold Percentages that the GOP Must Meet in Virginia to Remain Competitive in the Race for the White House. As immigration continues to insert itself as a defining issue in the presidential election cycle, many have been left to... Read more
Lights, Camera, Action!
Chester was the location for movie making  last week. For two days,  location shooting took place at the home of Debbie and Joseph Boykin as it served as Aunt Judith’s large country home for the movie “Shooting the Prodigal.” At 5:50 a.m., over 50 production crew members, volunteer and... Read more