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While building permits in Chesterfield for single-family-dwelling-unit permits were down by 3.8 percent last year versus 2013, commercial construction increased according to county data.

Medical waste facility could locate on Osborne, Old Stage roads

A conditional use permit to allow a medical waste transfer and treatment facility in a Heavy Industrial District, near the corner of Osborne and Old Stage roads and adjacent to the CSX Railroad underpass is being requested by Christopher M. Gill, the owner’s agent. The facility will operate on the site of a former pallet building company.

Commercial property briefs

Street Rockets of Virginia leased 3,520 square feet in the Old Stage Flex Park on Old Stage. Street Rockets Of Virginia is a customer centric motorcycle store. Their website states that they have a strong business ethic and strive to keep good business practices.

Building in Chesterfield mirrors Richmond Fed Reserve projections

Home building in Chesterfield, since the 1970s, has been the mainstay of the local economy. Home building has supplied the county with employment, real estate taxes, an increase in property values and growth that has contributed to schools and an increase in public safety as other ancillary services.

Ettrick, apartments, proffers at Planning Commission Dec. 16

The Ettrick / Virginia State University (VSU) area is changing dramatically. As VSU grows, much like Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, it needs more space. That space was residential lots purchase over the last several years.

Pedestrian improvements walking to start date

Pedestrian improvements in Chester including crosswalks, West Hundred Road paving and striping for bike lanes could be completed this year. Pedestrian improvements on Harrowgate Road are included in the project.

Electronic message signs approved at Bermuda Square Shopping Center

Bermuda Square Shopping Center is currently undergoing a complete reconstruction. As part of the completion and use of the Center the owner, DDR Bermuda Square LLC, last week requested as part of its signage permit that it be allowed two signs at their existing locations a 6’-3” X 2’-0” section of the signs to be an electronic message centers (EMC).

Jeff Davis could see retail development

Rezoning has been request by CNA Properties LC (Edward M. Farley IV) for a property located on west side of Jefferson Davis Highway at Osborne Road. The property is typically known as the Affordable Dentures property that made inexpensive false teeth.

Multi-family building outpaces single family construction

Homebuilding in Chesterfield, although not single-family homes, is experiencing a comeback. The County is experiencing less single-family-building permits, but overall residential home building, when apartments and townhomes are included