Halloween battles with Frankenstorm

It’s early Saturday morning and as I sit here writing this, in my pajamas no less, enjoying my cup of coffee, the threat of a “Frankenstorm” is looming near.  The big “hybrid” storm, the “worst we have seen in over a hundred years” is barreling up the coast and heading in our direction. The big, bad monster of children’s Halloween fantasies is coming fast, in the shape of this hurricane.  

In our house we are prepared, I guess. I have water, batteries, flashlights and candles and held off doing my regular shopping so that when the power does go off, because we all know that it will, I will not have food spoiling in my refrigerator. Instead I relented on my neurotic capabilities and succumbed to the comfort of chemical-laden food to get the kids through the storm. They were so excited to see “fruit snacks” my little guy almost forgot to be worried sick about this storm. See, it worked.

My guy is a natural worrier.  He worries especially about things out of his control; after all he is my son. We try to lightheartedly discuss the impending storm but alas, he is still a ball of anxiety. However, I do believe he is more worried about the storm affecting Halloween than anything else.  I assured him that even with the power out, we would still have Halloween; it will just be even spookier with no power.

So, we are prepared (hopefully) for the storm that may or may not really hand it to us and our costumes are ready for Halloween, power or no power.  How can we deprive these children of that entire sugary toxicness after they make it through “Frankenstorm”?  They deserve a reward, and we parents will surely be in need of some sort of compensation as well, seeing as we survived no power with two little ones, will anyone be handing out libations?

Of course this is all prediction on my end; the storm hasn’t even gotten here yet. Maybe the power will stay on (unlikely around here), maybe the storm will fall apart. The weathermen are so hopped up right now you would think they had dipped into the Halloween candy early.  So, for now, I will sit here in my pajamas and drink my coffee and obsessively watch The Weather Channel. Then off we will go to the boy’s last soccer game of the season and onward to Chester Baptist Church’s Fall Festival. Our last hoorah and opportunity to burn off excess energy before being locked indoors for three days straight.  

I hope that by the time you read this that we will have successfully gotten through the storm and we will all be turning our porch lights on for the trick or treaters, and not using flash lights to beckon the ghouls and goblins to our door. Happy Halloween everyone!


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