A vote for traditional values

To the Editor:
With so much emphasis on the presidential race, I urge 4th Congressional District voters to remember to cast their ballots on November 6 to re-elect Congressman Randy Forbes.

Randy has consistently, through words, actions and votes, provided solid support for the traditional American values (individual freedom, personal responsibility, free enterprise, and limited government) that have fostered the well-being and prosperity of our citizens.

His successes in helping to bring investment to the area, have led to the creation of additional private sector jobs in Chesterfield and Dinwiddie, such as the 1,350 new Amazon jobs. He has made it easier for companies like Sabra and Capital One to establish themselves in the area. He received the National Association of Manufacturers Award for Legislative Excellence.

The Congressman’s integrity and conscientious activities have been undergirded by a strong religious conviction, as evidenced by his chairmanship of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, a bipartisan group of over 100 members.

As we cast our ballots on November 6, let’s vote to return to Congress the kind of leader we need – Randy Forbes.

G.E. (Ed) Henderson