Thomas Dale orchestra students garner top honors

The auditions are extremely competitive with hundreds of music students across the region vying for this honor.

Students who won seats in the Senior Regional Orchestra are Jason Garland (trombone), Carlo Tuason (violin), Christian Diaz (violin), Christopher Reilly (viola), Madison Frank (viola), Hannah Kvasnicka (viola), Jisu Kim (viola), Jacob Courington (bass), Rachel Keene (bass), and Bethany Frelier (flute). Tony Cavanaugh (bassoon) and Alisa Pratt (viola) also placed as a high alternates. These musicians live in various areas of Chesterfield County, but travel to attend the Specialty Center at Thomas Dale High School where they receive instruction in Chesterfield County’s specialized music program. The Specialty Center for the Arts will host an important open house for interested eighth-grade families on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m.  For more information  please visit      

The Senior Regional Orchestra concert will be held Nov. 10 at 3 pm at Atlee High School.


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