Chesterfield transportation six-year plan on the road

The Chesterfield Transportation Department at this time of year never quite knows how much funding they will have for future projects. But they have a wish list.

To analyze how the public feels on the various transportation issues the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) will be holding a meeting to get input for projects planned for the the coming years, typically called a six-year plan, on November 15, at the VDOT Central Office Auditorium.

The CTB is releasing the draft six-year plan in the spring.

Chesterfield’s transportation department is interested in moving the Route 360 Commuter Bus, currently number 21 on the list to priority number 14 and revising it to include Chesterfield Express; delete projects under construction – in the northwest of the county and deleting the North/South Freeway (from the  planned East/West Freeway to I-85) in anticipation of Thoroughfare Plan update of the new comprehensive plan.

The board was asked last week to approve a draft letter, which includes a request for funding for the Route 360/Commonwealth Center and Chesterfield Express bus routes, but not including the Petersburg – Richmond Express bus route canceled this year.

The Secondary Road Six-Year Program will be presented in the spring for the Board’s consideration.


ORDERED BY PRIORITY – not all projects will be funded

  • Route 288 interchange improvement Route 360 $72.0
  • Route 60 Six Lanes Courthouse Rd. Old Buckingham Rd. $16.0 Funded
  • Powhite Parkway Four Lanes Route 288 Watermill Pkwy $10.0 Funded
  • Route 10 Six Lanes Bermuda Triangle Rd Meadowville Rd. $30.0 Funded
  • Route 10 Six Lanes Route 1 - I-95 $4.0 Funded
  • Route 360 Six/Eight Lanes Winterpock Rd. Woodlake Village Parkway $15.0 Funded
  • Route 10 Six Lanes Route 288  - Frith Ln $14.0

Partially Funded

  • Route 360 Six Lanes Route 288 Genito Rd $18.0 $3.5 M
  • Route 360 Six Lanes Woodlake Village Parkway Otterdale Rd. $25.0
  • Huguenot Road Six Lanes Route 60 - Alverser Dr. $4.0 Funded
  • Route 1 Intersection Improvement Old Bermuda Hundred Rd. $5.0 Funded
  • Centralia Road three Lanes Nott Ln - Chester Rd. $25.0

Interchange Improvements

  • Rt 288 Northwest Loop Chester Rd $3.0 Funded
  • Commuter Express bus Lowe’s/Koger Center - City of Richmond $0.4/year
  • New Freeways: Prel. Engr. & Right-of-Way

A. Powhite Pkwy Ext, Charter Colony Pkwy., Route 360 $4.0
B. East/West, Route 360, I-95 $9.0

  • Powhite Parkway Four Lanes, Extended at-grade Intersections Watermill Pkwy Woolridge Rd Ext $19.0
  • Signalization Var. locations countywide ** see below $3.0
  • Sight & Sound Powhite Pkwy., countywide $50.0
  • Park/Ride commuter countywide $2.0
  • Powhite Pkwy removal tolls Chippenham Pkwy. Route 288 $57.0 **
  • High Speed Rail Chesterfield
  • I-295 Loops at Meadowville Rd. $20.0

**  Requested traffic signal locations (Long Term Obligations) cost in millions

Included in the project list is a number of sidewalk projects including Wilton Dr. from Cliff Lawn Rd. to Jefferson Davis Hwy; Cogbill Road, Howell Drive to Meadowbrook High School and Salem Church Road, Sara Kay Dr. to School Complex Sidewalk. Pedestrian upgrades are also proposed for intersects in Chester Village.


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