Local man salutes his fallen relative

Waverly Drewry Pride, former Chester resident now living in Colonial Heights submitted an obituary found in a 1918 newspaper clipping for his second cousin who was the first resident of Chesterfield to die in World War I on August 2, 1918. Remembering Nathan Pride on Veterans Day.

Chester Man Dies of Wounds He Received in Action
Nathan Pride, of Co. 1, 318th regiment, dies of wounds he received in action August 2nd. Official notice has just been received here of the death in a hospital in France of Nathan Pride, member, of Co. 1, 318 regiment, 80 division. Died of wounds received in action on August 2nd, says the official report.

Nathan was the youngest son of Mr. John Pride, a well-known citizen of Chesterfield County. He was classed the best marksman in the 318th regiment and was a good soldier. Young Pride was the first young man of Chesterfield County to give his life in the defense of democracy on the battlefields of France.

He was one of the first men to be sent to Camp Lee from Chesterfield County by the local board. The report came from a Canadian field hospital that was located very close to the fighting.  The dead were buried on the battlefield in those times and moved later.  Nathan Pride is buried in an American cemetery in France. 


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