Girl Scouts help Christmas Mother fulfill wishes

For Ambassador Girl Scout Troop, 3925 of Chester, part of their Thanksgiving weekend was spent realizing how fortunate they are first hand. The troop, led by Dee Fisher and Lesli Davis and sponsored by Chester United Methodist Church, gathered at Walmart to use some of their hard earned cookie money to fulfill 17 wishes from the Christmas Mother Tree.

β€œIt was wonderful to see the girls so excited to be shopping for others,” stated Fisher, who is in her 48th year of Scouting. β€œI think it made a real impression on them to realize that the one gift they were holding might be the only thing that a child receives for Christmas.”

Troop 3925 serves eight girls, all juniors and seniors from five different area high schools in Chesterfield. Attending this event and pictured above was Mikayla Dunford, Joylynn Volkman, Savannah Stone, Carter McCants, Caroline Davis and Megan Davis.


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