Colonial Orthopaedics and Chesterfiled UFC team up for injury prevention clinic

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Coaches and parents play a big role in preventing injuries.

The Chesterfield United Football Club and Colonial Orthopaedics Sports Med are collaborating to organize an injury prevention and performance enhancement program to educate young athletes, coaches and parents. This well-structured camp will help to understand common soccer injuries and how they can be prevented.

Injuries among young athletes are on the rise, according to the National Youth Sports Foundation; it attributes 40 percent of all childhood injuries to sports or recreation. Growing sports participation is cited as a major factor.

“Many injuries are preventable,” says Vivek Sharma MD, an Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine and conditioning specialist at the Colonial Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Center in Chester. “Parents and coaches play a role in preventing soccer injury. Most young athletes may not understand the concept of training for sports, or transitioning from winter to spring and summer activities. This is where we can help, and make a difference in keeping our young athletes safer,” says Dr. Sharma.


  • Information about preventing soccer-related injuries and pre-season and in-season soccer- specific exercisesI
  • Pre-season Soccer Conditioning
  • Proprioception -Balance Training
  • Plyometric-Agility Training

The clinic will be held from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. at Colonial Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Center, 13048 Rivers Bend Rd., Chester on Dec. 12. To attend, R.S.V.P. by Dec. 9 to Alayne Schweitzer, Director of Physical Therapy at Colonial Orthopaedics, (804) 518-1332 or email


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