My opinion does count, Mr. Gray

To the Editor:
I write to object to being insulted. Specifically, insulted by Rick Gray’s “Talking Points” column of 28 November. He insulted your readers and I am a reader.

I do not object to being told I am wrong… I have been wrong, and likely will be wrong again. However, I do object to being told my opinion does not count…and that is the essence, the thrust of Mr. Gray’s column. I do not agree, for instance that American Politics is irrelevant, nor that the fact that “by hitting America’s media center – Manhattan – Monster Storm Sandy declared in terms impossible to ignore, the clear and present danger presented by rapidly changing climate.” He goes on about global warming and the “’inconvenient truth’ of what the scientific community has been telling us for decades.” He says this as if to make the point that this is the final element of proof needed to establish Global Warming as an undeniable fact. He then goes on to place in the trash bin anyone who disagrees with any of his positions by noting that “there were people in Britain and America arguing that Hitler was ‘just another politician’ as his armies captured Paris.” He continues: “So long as this planet has humans living on it, we will always have our deniers and cranks. The rest of us have work to do.”

I am placed outside the righteous “us” immediately if I disagree and I am put in the cranks and deniers category. That insults me and other readers.

Mr. Gray points out early in the column, that the argument in the column is his own and that complaints should be addressed to him at the Village News. What would be the point of pressing a differing point of view to a person who has already placed any differing points of view in the “deniers and cranks” trash can? So I am writing you.

I simply wish to point out that I am an American citizen who served his country in uniform for 20 years and still supports it in his own way. I have the opinion of an American citizen and, Mr. Gray notwithstanding, my opinion still counts in this country. It may be a minority opinion, but it is an informed opinion and it counts. It does not deserve to be placed on the heap of trash Mr. Gray has created. Neither does the Village News deserved to be a pulpit for garbage like Mr. Gray put in his column. It [VN]is better than that. I do not always agree with it. That is not the point. We can disagree with civility. Mr. Gray eliminates me from the civility of open discussion. I am a denier and a crank because I do not agree with him

And his comment about “the rest of us have serious work to do” is laughable, especially when coupled with the allusion to Hitler. One can imagine Mr. Hitler saying to the world: “You do whatever you think you must, we Germans (the rest of us) have serious work to do.” Sig Heil! Mr. Gray.

Respectfully sir, I strenuously object to being insulted and tossed on a trash heap.

Stephen M. Anderson