Max has a water problem

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  In this article we are going to talk a little bit about Max.   Yes, Max, you are the only Max I know, and you are going to be headlining this article.  You should feel honored.  What do you mean you will reserve that judgment?  Anyway, I have mentioned in the past that Max drinks like a fish.  Yes, Max, I know fish technically do not drink water.  It is just a saying.  And, no, I have no idea where that saying came from.  I am just trying to tell the readers that you drink a lot of water…and I must add very sloppily as well.  Max, knock off the evil eye; you know it is true. You get that tongue of yours going and it is like a motorboat kicking up sea spray. I digress.  Last week I finally got tired of refilling Max’s bowl four to five times a day and decided to get him one of those bowls that has a big refill bottle on it.  I figured one of these would at least last him all day.  However, surprisingly, I have never been able to find out.  Do you know why? Max, would you like to tell them? No?  Well, despite Max being this big 90 pound dog, he is, apparently, afraid of the water jug.  I am not kidding you!   I let his bowl go dry in the hopes he would be forced to use it.  No luck.  Then I dragged him over to the water jug and splashed water in his face to show him it was just plain water.  No luck.  I even placed his favorite chew toy on top of it in plain sight and it is still there…untouched.  What did you say Max?  It makes scary sounds?  Like a gurgling sound?  That is the sound it is suppose to make..just like a water cooler...only smaller.   What is a water cooler?  Never mind Max.  Just trust me that it is not growling at you and it is just plain water.  Come on Max, have I ever steered you wrong before?  Okay…one time at the vet…that was a long time ago.  Well, Max has left the room and the water jug saga will just have to continue on until someone gives in, and I suspect it is going to be me.


‘Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”
   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

New predictions out today claim 42 percent of Americans will be obese by the year 2030. They say the only way to stop that is for the government to step in. Oh yeah, when it comes to trimming the fat and tightening the belt what better way than the U.S. government?

That is a wrap.  As always be good, play safe and remember water is good for you…even in a jug.  

JR and Max


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