Max rushed Christmas

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the holiday season in the Dogpound community. Yes, it is that time again in the Dogpound where you find us rushing around in the late hours of the night trying to prepare for that big event.  In most cases you would be correct in thinking this was about Christmas… but in this case you would be wrong since my Master has again lost one of my masterpieces.  Of course he says it was just misplaced, however, story-telling like that will only get him a lump of coal in his stocking.  Oh wait…can’t do that..”Green Government Regulations.”  Sorry, should have said this will only get him a bigger tax bill.  You know…”Fair Share” and all.  

Anyway, good news for my pack, I do happen to have a Holiday Tale to share.  I was scanning the TV channels the other night when I came across an Info program on how to play the guitar.  I have been taking lessons for a while and thought this would be my Christmas gift to me. Only $49.99 and if I called right now I would get it for only $39.99 and they would throw in two more exciting discs.  How could I refuse?  To my surprise I did not get one of these friendly telephone operators who was standing by to take my order…instead I was connected to a robot voice that guided me through my purchase.  I had very little trouble placing my order, but then we started to hit a few rough patches. 

I agreed that all of the information was correct, and she [female robotic voice] announced that before we completed the deal, would I be interested in two more discs at a special price of $10.  I thought that was a good deal…and she was happy to accept my “yes” acknowledgement.  That was not the speed bump I was referring to, but here it comes.  Now she asks me if I would like to place additional orders as a gift for a friend or family member who would be excited to get this in the mail.   This new offer took about two minutes of non-stop talking before I was given the opportunity to say “no.”  She says...“that is not a problem”...however, would I be interested in the disc that shows me how to play the Blues.  I said no.  She said “no problem.”  Then she asks me if I wanted to send some as gifts to a friend or family member so they could play the Blues…again accompanied by the two-minute monologue before I was allowed to respond with an ever more forceful “NO.”  The added volume evidently went unnoticed as my female robot operator proceeded to walk me through the same conversation for “Rock and Roll”...No…”Country”...NO…”Love Ballads”...No…”Christian Rock”...No...etc.  I lost track of how many different types of music I turned down,  but I was on the phone for a good 20 minutes before I was allowed to conclude my purchase.  After all that effort…these discs better be good or otherwise I am going to have Santa find that robotic voice and remove her batteries. Ho! Ho! Ho!

As always be good, play safe and remember we wish you a very

Happy New Year.  
From JR and Max


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