Are solutions really possible?

2013 begins in the shadow of a year where fifteen mass shootings plagued our nation. In an attempt to be the top news agency, we were bombarded from every direction with every possible image that can be telecast. It becomes necessary to fast from watching the news, in order to prevent a news-induced depression. We all try to analyze the “why” of a situation. The problem is that we never seem to be prepared for the next “what and when.” Evil lives within the depraved heart of every individual. We breed it in the lives of our children, whether it be through domestic violence or by the violence that we usher into their lives through video games. We have decided that timeouts equal discipline, while a spanking constitutes child abuse. Though changes are made that seem to stem the tide of evil, is there a solution to the issue of evil? I say yes, and His name is Jesus Christ.

I heard a pastor say that people turn to God after a tragedy has occurred. Prior to that tragedy, the desire of society is to do everything possible to create a godless world. The turn to God is short-lived by most. The Bible speaks of a sin cycle that Israel found itself stuck in: sin, suffering, supplication and salvation. Could it be that we are stuck in this same cycle? The fall of man started in the Garden of Eden and continues on a downward spiral today.

These problems did not occur overnight. Each generation has contributed to the moral decay. For the sake of acceptance and tolerance, we have refused to see evil and sin for what they truly are. There are very few good things that are seen as good by everyone. We teach our children that freedom of expression is more important than respect and discipline. Children are growing up in fatherless homes, and society tries to rewrite marriage as God intended it. May I say that again, marriage as God intended it. There is no such thing as sanctity of human life. When elections are determined by social agenda, we have fallen victim to “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Our nation is broken in many ways. There is a possible solution, but it will take a spiritual awakening. Jesus came “to seek and save that which is lost.” Our hearts must change. I used to always hear, “garbage in-garbage out.” Our society breeds evil. The problem is that while good is suppressed, evil marches on. As a firefighter, I used to say, “I thought that I had seen it all.” Newtown Connecticut should show us that we, in and of ourselves, are unable to fix this. This nation must turn back to a holy and righteous God.    


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