Preschoolers raise $180 to help serve holiday feast to local families

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Demonstrating their commitment to giving to others, Primrose School at Ironbridge Corner recently helped feed hungry families throughout the Chesterfield and Tri-Cities area. On Wednesday, Dec. 19, the preschoolers donated 587 pounds of food items to The Colonial Heights Food Pantry.

“Children from Primrose Schools across the nation participated in food drives over the past month, but they did much more than simply bring in items from their parents’ pantry,” says Georgia Wiley, Primrose School at Ironbridge Corner owner. “The students earned money by completing extra chores at home, combined their earnings and then counted them in the classroom. They reviewed grocery store sale advertisements and clipped coupons to find best values on nutritional food, created a detailed shopping list and took a field trip to Martin’s to shop for local families in need.”

The children then went on a field trip to the food pantry to deliver the food items, and tour the facility to learn more about how the organization helps local families.
The donation of nearly 600 pounds of food items comes when American families find themselves in critical need as men, women and children face hunger. According to Feeding America, a total of 36 million Americans struggle with hunger, including 13 million children.

Giving back to the community was a major focus of the annual food drive, as well as a key component of Primrose Schools’ Balanced Learning® curriculum, which blends teacher-directed and child-initiated activities with special emphasis on character development. The Caring and Giving program is a nationwide initiative, with participation from more than 245 Primrose Schools across the country, and helps students understand the value of generosity and creates a hands-on approach to math, nutrition and planning skills.


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