Grateful in Chester

To the Editor:
My car broke down in the drizzly, cold weather on Christmas Eve in the middle of the turning lane between the 7-Eleven and Chic-fil-A in Chester. Within a couple of minutes a very kind lady, and then a very nice gentleman, had both stopped to offer help. For at least 15 minutes traffic was patiently winding its way around the stopped vehicles. When it became clear that the car was not going to start, the lady, the gentleman, and a Chesterfield County police officer pushed my car across the westbound lane of Rt. 10 into the 7-Eleven parking lot while another county officer stopped traffic. The policeman gave me a ride home and a very polite lecture on the importance of keeping my cell phone charged. Triple A towed my car to Allen Tire where it was promptly fixed the day after Christmas.

The point of this letter is to recognize how wonderful it is to live where people will stop and help, small businesses are prompt and courteous in their service, and that we have a local newspaper that will publish our news and opinions. I am very grateful to live in Chester.

Carol M. Ray