Mixed-use development planned for Meadowville

Several blue zoning signs wrap the corner of Enon Church and Meadowville roads. The 68-acre site, cobbled together by Twin Rivers LLC, could become a town center much like the Chester Village Green or a scaled down West Broad Village containing apartments, retailers, restaurants and offices.

George Emerson is working as part of Twin Rivers to develop the large parcel into three areas that would have slightly different uses. One would have a mix of all the uses mentioned above, another would be mixed or all residential and a third is proposed to be commercial only.

The project was first submitted to Chesterfield County in July 2012 but was deferred five times, however, is expected to be considered by the county’s planning commission on March 19.

The request rezoning contains three separate areas designed for different uses. Called as CUPD, (Conditional Use Planned Development) the areas are designated for a mix of  uses such as the Chester Village Green, an all residential component, which would include up to 400 apartments and a commercial The Meadowville Technology Park workforce has been increasing since the opening of Amazon and Northrup Grumman. Capital One will be building an office at the park that will add 50 employees to the approximately 1,200 jobs already located at the  park.

According to a BizSense.com article, Garrett Hart, assistant director at Chesterfield’s economic development office, said the county was working closely with Emerson on the project.

“That was actually a piece of property we traded with George to help consolidate the technology park, knowing that the private sector would take over further development,” Hart said. “We’re excited about it. It adds housing and retail services for workers and just adds to the overall development of the park. We support it,” BizSense reported.

The amendment for rezoning from commercial (C-5) to CUPD requests a revised conceptual plan; relieve restrictions on the number of  buildings dedicated solely for residential use; delete improvements relative to the realignment of Meadowville Road; delete prohibition on access to North Enon Church Road and delete the cash proffer, according to the county planning department’s report.


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