Local VMI student marched at inauguration

The following Virginia Military Institute cadets were among the approximately 1,500 who marched in this year’s presidential Inaugural Parade Jan. 21.

Caleb B. Bishop is from Chesterfield. Cadet Bishop’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bishop.

Salena C. Chiep is from Chesterfield. Cadet Chiep’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Bunthoeurn Chiep.

Joshua C. Clements is from Chesterfield. Cadet Clements’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Clements.

John I. Covert is from Chester.  Cadet Covert’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Rory G. Covert.

James H. Daniels is from Chesterfield. Cadet Daniels’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. James V. Daniels.

Brandon M. Diamond is from Chester. Cadet Diamond’s parent is Ms. Deborah J. Honn.

Derek J. Diesel is from Chesterfield. Cadet Diesel’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Diesel.

Kyle C. Forche is from Chesterfield. Cadet Forche’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Forche.

Phillip S. Frazer is from Chester. Cadet Frazer’s parents are Ms. Teresa J. Conner and Mr. Harvey C. Frazer.

Micah J. Hosler is from South Chesterfield. Cadet Hosler’s parents are Lt. Col. and Mrs. David R. Hosler Jr..

Nathan R. Howard is from Matoaca. Cadet Howard’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Howard.

Tyler A. Klausmeier is from Zuni. Cadet Klausmeier’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Klausmeier.

Travis A. Klein is from Chesterfield. Cadet Klein’s parent is Ms. Laurie M. Klein.

Andrew S. Kriz is from Chester. Cadet Kriz’s parents are Col. and Mrs. Michael A. Kriz.

Kevin J. Kyle is from Chesterfield. Cadet Kyle’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ray P. Kyle.

Brandon L. Lunsford is from Chester. Cadet Lunsford’s parents are CSM and Mrs. Steven L. Lunsford.

John B. Partin Jr. is from Chester. Cadet Partin’s parents are Lt. Col. and Mrs. John B. Partin.

Christopher L. Shifflett is from Chester. Cadet Shifflett’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Pleas E. Shifflett.

David D. Warriner II is from Chester. Cadet Warriner’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. David T. Warriner.

Mitchell L. White is from Chester. Cadet White’s parent is Ms. Kristina D. White.

The Corps of Cadets marched through the heart of Washington D.C., from the U.S. Capitol Building to the reviewing stand at the White House. The Corps was the final group in the parade, passing the president in review at about 6:30 p.m.

The cadets’ participation marked the 14th time that the VMI Corps of Cadets has marched in a presidential Inaugural Parade.


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