Homicides up slightly in 2012

Chesterfield’s homicide rate has ticked up by two in 2012 versus 2011. According to the Chesterfield County Police Department, in 2012 there were ten homicides (nine incidents with a total of 10 victims). Of those nine, five of the incidents, with a total of six victims were found to be domestic-related.  

Of the 10 victims, seven were killed with guns, two were killed with knives and one was killed with a belt.

Seven of the nine incidents have been cleared by arrest and one was exceptionally cleared by the death of the suspect. One incident, the murder of Joshua Coomer on Nov. 29, is still under investigation and no arrest has been made.

According to police officials, there is one homicide in 2012 with an unknown cause, and these numbers do not include justifiable homicides. A homicide can only be justified if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that an offending party posed an imminent threat to the life or wellbeing of another.

In 2011 there was less by two homicides in Chesterfield. A total of eight victims were killed during six incidents. Police say, of the six incidents, three (with a total of five victims) were found to be domestic-related.

Of the eight victims, five were killed with guns, one was killed with a knife, one was killed with blunt force trauma and one was killed with a pillow.

Five of the six incidents were cleared by arrest; the remaining incident was exceptionally cleared by the death of the suspect.

By comparison, in 2012, Richmond city had 43 homicides; Henrico, 13; Hanover, 5; Powhatan, 4; and Petersburg, 5. A total of 88 homicides were reported in the Central Virginia area. 


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