Disciplinary action needed against Bill Brown

To the Editor and Mr. Holland:
I made a personal visit to the Planning office on January 8 complaining about Bill Brown.

After visiting the office, I have determined that the information published in the Village News concerning gun laws and gun rights was pulled from Bill’s personal blog site.
In his blog, Bill, by implication, called many County residents “a lunatic or a moron” and characterized some folks views as “so much horse manure.”

After a subsequent visit to his blog, it appears he has edited his opinion piece to some degree, but still identifies himself on his blog as a member of the Chesterfield County Planning Commission. The incendiary characterizations remain.

God forbid that I would attempt to infringe on someones Constitutional right to free speech as I am certainly guilty of always speaking my mind.

However, an elected or appointed government official has, in my opinion, a higher bar concerning this right.

By identifying himself on his blog as a Chesterfield Planner, his opinions appear to carry the weight of the Commission, if not the County hierarchy.   

Calling some constituents and businessmen who have an interest in land development in the County “lunatic” or “moron” and their opinions “horse manure” is certainly conduct unbecoming a Chesterfield County official. By implication, Bill has deemed many people seeking his approval for land development in the County as  lunatics or morons and full of manure.

Does the Chesterfield County government really share Bill’s opinions?  Should he really be writing such inflammatory rhetoric while identifying himself as a County official? Again, I believe in the right to free speech. But does he speak for you all? Honestly? Bill’s opinion is being shared far and wide on the Internet.

As an employee of a Chesterfield business that may have business contact with Bill, as a long time Chesterfield resident (but not currently), a resident of  the immediate area for 45 years, and with a voluminous number of family, friends, vendors, and clients in Chesterfield, I, with regret, must ask that appropriate disciplinary action be taken against Mr. Brown. His personal opinions are his. He should not identify himself as a County Planner when voicing these opinions unless he speaks for the County.

Mike Hannen