Max and coupons

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.    I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day and stayed away from the awful storm that hit the Northeast…and of course global warming was blamed again.  I must say Mother Nature must be really upset with the folks up North and I must add I am not especially happy with my local grocery store.  Just recently they started a new web site with promises of more coupons and services.  They finally sent the first batch out in the mail and last Saturday I went shopping with a hand full of coupons.  Not sure why I checked the cash register strip after I got home…guess I was a tad suspicious if they captured the coupon correctly on the item I bought two of...limit was four.  My intuition was correct…they charged me full price for both of the bottles of aspirin that I bought and the coupon only register $1 off on one of them.  So back to the store I go and the gal behind the service desk was helpful but not overly educated in the coupon process.   I brought one of the bottles back with me for proof along with the cash register receipt.  She listened intently to my problem, took my bottle and headed off to find the store manager.  She returned shortly to explain that the bottle I picked was not the right one, even though it looked exactly like the one I picked up, however all was good since the store manager told her I could take the bottle on sale and swap it with the one I did buy. I said wait a minute...I paid full price for the bottle that was on I should be getting some money back.  She looked at me like a deer caught in your car headlights…frozen and lost.  I explained it two more times to her that just giving me the bottle that was on sale was not sufficient.  Finally…only half convinced and more in the need to get me out of her face...she refunded the cash difference.  Next time for sure I am going to check my receipt before I leave the store.

“If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”
– William Shatner

One old man said to another, I just had another birthday.  It’s awful to grow old alone.” “But you have your wife,” the second man pointed out.  “Yes, but she hasn’t had a birthday in 15 years.”

That is all for today.  As always be good, play safe and remember coupons are a good thing.  

JR and Max


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