Who is the dog?

In 1999 my brother gave me a Miniature Pincher; her original name was Spanky, but to see her you know that she is a Lady. Lady was left by one of his numerous girlfriends. I often wonder did the girlfriend leave my brother the dog as a metaphor.

Men are often referred to as dogs, supposedly, because of their lying and cheating ways. What name is given to the women the men are cheating with?

When I was a little girl, growing up in Norfolk, the old folks referred to “fast” or a certain type of woman as Jezebel. Jezebel was a harlot in the Bible.

One of my single friends and I went for a neighborhood walk. During our walk we discussed our finances and how taxing it was mentally not to have a spouse or a significant other to share obligations. My single friend and I shared stories on how we were surviving financially, mentally and physically.  We both declared to be church-going, Bible reading, and Christ believing women. She informed me that God had blessed her on numerous occasions. She gave me examples of her blessings such as a former co-worker paid off her vehicle. She further stated that he had paid for repairs around her home and was taking care of some of her basic needs until his wife and daughter found out about their relationship. The daughter of her blessing called to demand that she leave her Daddy alone.

I did not want to be judgmental because I had my own secrets.

I had a longtime friend that I knew before he was married. Occasionally, he would stop by from out of town to take me out to dinner or just talk about our aspirations. Because I was single and longed for companionship, I had begun to covet another woman’s husband. I could even justify what his wife was or was not doing for him because I was the better woman, or was I?

Since my youth, I have this habit of diagnosing myself. This time the diagnosis was not good. I informed my friend that he could no longer call or visit me if I could not be friends to both he and his wife because I did not feel comfortable with our clandestine relationship. I believe that what I give to the universe is what I will receive. My clandestine friend thought Lady (my dog) was cute and he often told me that she and I resembled in mannerisms.  I, on the other hand, was thinking that Lady and I resembled in ways that I did not like. Since he did not comply with my request I abstained from all contact.

By the way, Jezebel lived for quite a while before God’s judgment caught up with her and she was eaten by dogs (2 Kings 9:30-37).

Do you know a Jezebel or does she go by another name?  Share your story at www.villagenewsonline.com


Michelle, Wow you have a


Wow you have a talent for telling an insightful story! Keep writing!

outstanding article

Michelle, your article was exceptional. It was very courageous of you to be this transparent and equally courageous to walk away from this relationship even though it fulfilled some basic needs. In our walk with God he desires for our faith to be tested and our reliance upon Him to increase more and more. God says in His word in the book of Isaiah that He would be your husband. He also said in the book of Philippians that He would supply ALL of your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Put Him to the test; trust Him!! Because you were willing to sacrifice for Him by letting go of that relationship,He will in turn bless you with someone who will treat you like the queen that you are; someone who will worship and adore you!! Just Believe....His word cannot return void!!

Who is the dog?

Please keep on writing. It was interesting and insightful. Many will be able to relate and will feel less lonely. Sometimes we feel that we are the only ones facing certain challenges. So sharing is critical to the human experience.

Never miss the well until the well runs dry

I truly love your column. It is so true when you have a since of loneliness or you feel that someone has to be in your life, you turn for all types of negetative exposure. The streets as the old people say can cause trouble. Remember you reap what you sow.

Who is the dog?

Hey Paula, I believe game recognize game and you are the company you keep. It is important that when you are feeling down that you stay prayed up. Sometimes you have to remove your self from "so called" friends and family that look forward to you falling for instant gratification.

Michelle, very nice article,

Michelle, very nice article, for you brother's girlfriend to give him the dog, he gives it to you and your friend thinks the dog has some of your ways. Thats the first part I like, I think your dog knows whats best for you and "LADY" your dog do not want you to settle for any thing less than what GOD would have for you. Now let me get to the second half, this is like a Novel.....That girl friend that you went for the walk with sounds like someone I might know. I had someone do the same thing for me LOL. Love your Article. Please continue to write. This is the second article I read, I look forward to reading them.

Response to: Who is the dog?

Good take on this subject. Loneliness can create a dependency on negative relationships that literally block your blessings.
Thanks for sharring.

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