Awaiting the joys of Spring

The winter doldrums, I hate them.  I suffer from them every winter and I long for spring. I anxiously wait for the mild mornings when I can open my windows, letting the sweet smell of spring infiltrate my home. Mr. Robin singing his sweet song and the tulips blooming in my flowerbeds. Oh how I yearn for spring.

This has got to be the dreariest winter I have ever survived. Now, I am all for a dreary day curled up with a hot cup of tea and a good book, however, that is only once in awhile, not every day for two weeks. I feel as though I have moved to the Pacific Northwest for crying out loud.  The kids are whiny (I am whiny), they can’t play out in the rain (why not, get your rain boots on and lets go), they want to run and play and soak up some Vitamin D (me too), they are eating me out of house and home and I actually look forward to school days. Please, please give me a beautiful, sunny day with a high of 65 degrees.

On those first warm days of spring, I love to take the precious flower outside and lay in the grass letting our skin soak up the sun’s glorious rays. We listen to the birds, smell the flowers, and look at the beautiful puffs of white clouds against a blue so startling it takes your breath away. I love being outside with the soft breeze brushing lightly past us, the sound of lawnmowers being cranked for the first time, a comfort in the background. Is there anything better than the morning sun twinkling through your window, the soft breeze billowing your curtains, the smell of freshly cut grass and the birds singing?

Obviously this is my love song for spring, my most favorite time of the year. Little girls dressed in pretty pastels, boys bouncing basketballs and playing soccer, Moms and Dads smiling a little bit more and fussing a little bit less. I hate the doldrums; I want the spring sun to soak them up and take them away.

My doldrums hit their peak right about now. It’s not pretty, I am grouchy, irritable, and want nothing more than to be happy. I like being happy. It makes other people happy to see a smiling, cheerful person and I enjoy making people happy. The doldrums rob me of that joy. Some days are better than others, especially when spring draws near with the days that tease us of it’s impending return.

The children keep me sane and able to bear and acknowledge the doldrums. I do laugh daily; how could I not with these two silly little people that bring joy to my life everyday. Even the doldrums don’t stand a chance against their antics.  From the boy making blasting noises constantly (I can hear him coming a mile away; everything is getting blown up in his imagination) to my flower prancing around in sunglasses, her ruby slippers and piles and piles of necklaces and bracelets. They keep me from dropping off into the abyss during the winter months; they really do.

Those of you who are on a first name basis with the doldrums as I am, just wait, the most delicious time of year is just around the corner; the time when all of your senses are overwhelmed by the wonderful, glorious world which we live in. So, until then try to laugh once a day; it helps keep the doldrums at bay.


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