Chesterfield Historical Society seeking old Post Office memorabilia for museum exhibit

The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia (CHSV) is seeking old Post Office memorabilia for an upcoming exhibit at the County Museum on Chesterfield County Post Offices prior to 1925.

The CHSV search includes items such as envelopes, postcards and letters with postmarks or addresses related to old post offices in the county, as well as anecdotes, stories and oral histories. Photos of old post offices, especially those that are no longer in existence, and their postmasters would be most welcome. Items will be accepted on a loan basis for scanning and returned to the original owners.

To lend old Chesterfield County Post Office items to CHSV, please call the Museum at 768-7311 by February 15 to set up a mutually convenient date and time to bring the items.  The Museum is located at 6813 Mimms Loop in the Chesterfield County government complex on the historic 1917 Courthouse Green.


Pat, I have some letters,


I have some letters, envelopes and postcards that you might include in your exhibit.


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