Drunk driver strikes house, eight people now homeless

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Four adults and four children are now homeless after a driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a residence at 2727 Amherst Ridge Loop near Harrowgate Road on March 9 at 12:46 p.m. The occupants that were home at the time were not injured but the driver of the vehicle was transported to a hospital. “Calvin Whitaker Sr., 51, of the 2700 block of Amherst Ridge Loop, driver of the vehicle that crashed has been charged with DUI-third or subsequent offense and refusal of blood/breath test,” said Elizabeth Caroon, spokesperson for Chesterfield County Police. The vehicle struck the attached garage of the house but the damage was so severe that a Chesterfield County Building Inspector has condemned the house and declared it unsafe to enter. Windows in the house portion at the opposite end of the crash site were broken-out due to the force of the crash. The Red Cross is assisting the family. Fire and Medical personnel from Dutch Gap Fire Station along with county police were dispatched to the emergency. Whitaker was scheduled for his first court appearance March 11, 2013.


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