No harm in teaching the word of God

To the Editor
I look forward every week to the Village News. I always read your articles even when I do not agree with you; I enjoy having that virtual debate with you in my head. I just read your article “All Students Deserve Opportunities” and you are right about the students deserving opportunities but why do you feel you have to mock school vouchers and faith in God while you express your opinion?

There are many examples where private schools have out-done public schools and there are some private schools that do not. The parent should be able to have a choice where their kid goes and when they feel the public school is not appropriate for their child, and since they pay taxes that fund the public school, they should be able to use a voucher to aid in their school choice.

In today’s world it seems okay to belittle a person of faith; because others cannot see God they assume that God does not exist. So why put down a person because they believe in a God that does not exist? I do not get it.

What harm is it to teach our children that God created the universe? We teach them to believe in science when we know that science is also evolving in theories and facts. Not all scientific theories dispel God. Why call the subatomic particle the “God particle” for crying out loud?

Not all Christians tune-out a scientific discovery. Take antibiotics for instance; one scientist discovered this miracle by accident, that has gone on to change the world forever, and I guarantee you that many Christians have benefited from this scientific discovery. So why is it so controversial to teach another theory and let the child decide; man or God? Would you want to deny them that opportunity to choose for themselves?
Sheri Ramsey