Booboo, boohoo

It’s the time of year where I make my annual run to stock up band-aids and Neosporin. The time of year (my favorite) where the windows are open, the birds are chirping and the kiddos are running around with shorts on, thus the first aid stock-up.  We have already had more skinned knees and elbows than I wanted to deal with all spring and summer. Unfortunately my children have inherited the spastic gene from yours truly, bless their little hearts.

Every time the precious flower takes off on the sidewalk I hold my breath. I used to try and yell out, “Walk honey,” but of course that would just startle her and the spastic gene would come out, causing a booboo and mass hysteria. In her recent nursery school spring pictures she looks so adorable in her pink smocked dress. Curls bouncing, cheeks pink from the sun and looking like an angel. We only had two problems. The first being we have absolutely no sandals that fit, and so she wore her beat up old crocks instead. Can I just say that crocks (even the generic ones like ours) grow with the children. I swear it, they never get too small, must be the plastic stretching; I don’t know.  I figured we could take pictures with bare feet if the shoes were going to be showing.  And two, she had a huge scrape on her precious little elbow.

The photographer assured me that for only five dollars – five dollars – I could get her little elbow photo-shopped to pink perfection. I declined that offer, I would prefer to remember my sweet girl as the rough and tumble spitfire that she is.  She runs, hops, jumps, skips, hula hoops, blows bubbles, digs for worms and plays in the mud with the best of them.  She has also started displaying herself for all to see in the most horrendous of ways, I call it the “limp starfish.” The limp starfish is when their little limbs turn to mush, thus causing you trouble lifting them and removing them from whatever embarrassing situation you are in that has caused this terrible tantrum. She will lie down in the middle of a store aisle and refuse to budge. She will put her hands on her tiny little hips and stomp her little foot and she will tell us exactly what’s on her mind. She, in a word, is a mess.

A mess that I wouldn’t change for the world, I can tell you that. The two most wonderful children are just that, wonderful. We will continue to enjoy this spring with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water guns, flower planting, weed pulling and garden tending. We will have picnics at the park, sunny trips to the library, early mornings at the soccer field and many, many booboos  that, of course, will require tons of band-aids, Neosporin and a kiss from Mommy. Happy Spring everyone!


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