Brittany-Marie Warthan pursues her dreams, will be playing at Hippodrome Theater April 27

Chester native Brittany-Marie Warthan is staying true to her roots, launching a career in country music from the town she’s always called home.  This makes sense to her because she realizes the role her family, friends, and community have played in her personal development and in the decision to pursue her dream of being a country music singer.  

“They say a city can raise one person,” Warthan said. “I’ve grown up in Chester and this is where I would consider to be my foundation, and definitely where most of my fans are.”  

Growing up, Warthan always loved singing.   She sang in church, elementary school and in show choir throughout middle and high school years.  Though she was constantly aware of her own shyness and inner fears, she did not let these things overcome her.  

Warthan graduated from Thomas Dale High School in Chester and later briefly attended a performing arts school where she worked diligently to learn more about herself and her voice.  Her experience and the advice she received here would ultimately help her overcome much of her shyness and bring her to the point she is today where she is able to say “The stage is where I feel most comfortable now.”   

In 2005 she went to California to perform in a talent show and met a few friends along the way.  Despite some success and her love for singing, she stopped the full-time pursuit of a music career in an effort to explore more “practical” careers.

She took a hiatus from music but returned with a vengeance in 2011, when she began writing her own music.  Her closest friends had been pushing her to write, sing, and pursue music, and a turning point in a personal relationship would become the catalyst for her to ultimately take their advice.  

In talking about her prior endeavors she said, “After trying a lot of different avenues, I just know this is my passion and if I go through life and look back and wish I would have done it – I don’t want that to happen, so I want to be able to give it all I’ve got and say I tried my best no matter what happens.”  

About a year ago she decided to re-launch her career, and she hasn’t looked back since.  Staying true to her roots again and utilizing her natural knack for networking, she’s put together a band consisting of three sisters whom she grew up with and other musicians she has met along the way.  Brittany says, “My band is the lifeblood of what we do.” And she makes it very clear that she is deeply appreciative of their talents and dedication – you can read about them on her website.  

They recently played at the Shad Planking, a political event that marks the start of fishing season, in Wakefield, Virginia, where she stepped on stage for the first time in approximately four years.  On April 27, she will be playing at the Hippodrome in Richmond, where her performance will be recorded and will subsequently air on her YouTube channel.  

She is also currently working on producing an album and hopes to have songs available by the Fall of 2013.  

Writing songs comes naturally to her now, and she wrote her most recent song, “Let’s Walk a Country Mile,” while driving just off of where I-95 South meets the exit to Chester.  You can hear her single on her official website  Visit to get tickets for her kick-off concert in Richmond on April 27 at 7 p.m.  Tickets range from $10-$13 depending upon method of purchase.  Follow Brittany-Maria on Twitter @BrittanyMarieOfficial and on Facebook at


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