The “Bard @ Bird” at your library

The second annual “Bard @ Bird” was held on April 23, during all lunches in the L. C. Bird High School Library.  The cross-curricular event is a collaboration between the English department and the library staff.  Its purpose is to provide students and staff with an experience that enriches and fosters their understanding of, and appreciation for William Shakespeare, his time, and his contribution, not only to English literature, but to the world.  Upon entering the library, students were given a passport to take to each station where they would receive a special stamp; 350-plus students received passports to “Elizabethan England.”

Stations were varied. Students ate their lunches in “Ye Old Tavern” and received a “sweet treat” to enjoy.  Bonnie Eichler, a docent from Agecroft Hall, brought authentic tools and instruments and demonstrated how barbers/physicians treated the sick during the time of Elizabeth I.  Lamar Banister, a teacher at Bird and a historical interpreter, portrayed a sailor on The Venture, the ill-fated ship after which Shakespeare modeled his play, The Tempest.  At another station, students viewed a video of English teachers reading famous quotes from Shakespeare that is still use today.   A detailed model of the Globe Theatre was on display, and students learned its history from their peers.  Finally, students had their pictures taken in the stocks or in a cut-out portraying Elizabethan gentry.  

“All the world is a stage,” Mr. Shakespeare – including the library at L. C. Bird High School.


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