Enon Elementary celebrates 75 years

If the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Enon Elementary School were to get a grade, it would definitely be an A+. Not just for the two productions held last Friday, but the preparation by the nearly 500 students, teachers, volunteers and administration leading up to the anniversary day celebration.  

Over that last month eight decades of their school’s existence were studied with projects completed from each grade level and viewed through the school building.  During the formal ceremonies, with invited guests, each grade performed a popular song of the decade which was followed by a narrative of that decade’s history recited by class representatives.

In preparation for the celebration, the kindergarten classes created a book comparing 75 years ago with today. The books included photographs, drawings and written descriptions of education, communication and transportation.

First grade students interviewed former Enon students to get their thoughts about how Enon Elementary has changed.The students wrote the interview questions and conducted the interviews and recorded the adult’s answers. They used the information gained to construct a timeline of Enon Elementary past and present.

Second grade students created a map of Enon’s floor plan as a bird’s eye view. This allowed students to examine all additions made to the original structure of Enon Elementary.

Third grade students drew a random year of time to cover over the last 75 years. They researched the year to find important people, important events and additional relevant information that occurred within their given year. Each student incorporated the information into a PowerPoint.

The Fourth grade students completed research projects on governors of Virginia and tools used by students during the 75 years with a focus on their education agenda.  They completed both pencil and paper and PowerPoint presentations.

The Fifth grade students were assigned a year from 1938-2012 to write a report about that year in history including major events, what was popular, and other facts. They created a poster revealing facts about that time period, a chart comparing five products and how much they cost then and now, as well as word problems from the information.

The Literacy Team also completed a project which involved the collection of photos stories depicting 75 years of Enon which was completed by fourth grade students.

Enon Elementary student body includes second, third and fourth generations and many of them returned for the celebration.  Former principals and teachers attended as well as school board representatives and administration officials.

The first school in Enon was a one room building located behind the present Enon Baptist Church.  One teacher taught all six grade levels.  The school closed in 1926 with the children of Enon attending school in Chester.  It wasn’t until 1938 when the Enon community celebrated the opening of Enon Elementary School located on 11.5 acres.  The school housed four classrooms, two bathrooms, an office and a small extra room. The classrooms and bathrooms are still being used today.

A new addition creating six more classrooms was added in 1955. In 1961 six more classrooms were added and in 1969 the kindergarten pod was added. Due to continued population, another addition was built in the 1970s.

The school adapted to population growth and expansion over the years, but with the completion of Marguerite Christian Elementary School and Elizabeth Scott Elementary, the school is breathing a little easier and waiting for construction to begin for their scheduled renovation approved by the School Board in 2012.


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