Reckless motorist runs fire truck off road

Fire officials and a fire truck crew were not injured when a reckless driver ran them off the road. Fire and medical personnel were dispatched at around 6 p.m. on May 10, to the 5700 block of Beulah Road when a Bensley Fire Station’s aerial ladder truck went off the roadway becoming stuck in a ditch. Officials say one wheel coming completely off then slid through mud with parts underneath the truck being sheared off during the crash. The front bumper was crumpled.

The skidding truck came to a rest in mud up to its back bumper. The Hazardous Material Unit  was dispatched to contain fuel leakage.

“It was amazing the truck didn’t overturn,” said Lt. Jason Elmore, spokesman for Chesterfield Fire and EMS. “No one was transported [for injuries].”

Elmore said the reckless driver kept going after crossing into the oncoming fire truck’s lane and made no attempt to stop. Large vehicle crash wreckers were dispatched to remove the truck, after crews unloaded hoses, extrication equipment and other supplies.

Responding to the crash were Bensley, Dale and Airport fire station personnel. Also on scene were  a tactical safety officer, a battalion chief, a deputy fire chief, the shift commander, Chesterfield County Police, multiple wreckers and additional fire officers and personnel.

A description of the vehicle has not been released. The crash is under investigation.


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