Max and fish

Hello and welcome back to the aquatic world of the Dogpound.  I finally got my 30-gallon aquarium out of the moth balls and found a place in the living room that received a minimum amount of sunlight in order to limit the growth of algae.  As many of you know you do not immediate fill the aquarium with water and throw some fish into it.  You have to let the water percolate so to speak; add some chemicals  to remove any chlorine and other harmful chemicals, plus some stuff to promote microbe growth.  

After several weeks you are ready to try some “throw away” fish…so called because the first batch usually dies because the water is not just right.  So I bought six small Tetra Neons…very pretty with a blue neon streak, and a Siamese Fighting fish…love their look.  I named them The Gang of Six and Sunny.  Yes, I name my fish.  Anyway, to my surprise they made it past the first week and after the second week I figured it was time to get my all-time favorite… Angel Fish.  They are a beautiful fish…long fins….very thin silhouette, but also very delicate.   

I got three of them and they made it easily past the critical first week and they looked good going into the second week; however, all of a sudden, one of them hit the bottom of the tank, and then within 24 hours the other two followed in singular sequence.  Normally you can tell if they are not adjusting well…they become listless, don’t eat, have problems swimming in a straight line, but none of these symptoms were evident.  They were swimming around, eating, looking good, and then they started dropping like rocks.  
So after a week I went for three more Angel Fish and as strange as it sounds, one disappeared right off the bat.  Now it is not usual for them to initially hide in the large simulated tree trunk until they decide to venture out and explore their new surroundings.  The other two did finally come out but the third never did and I could not find him no matter how hard I looked for him.  Well, he finally showed up, he was the smallest one and I found him dead behind the water pump.  Not sure if he got stuck in the vacuum or not, but he was long gone.  Now I am left with one and a half…yes…one of the other ones is showing some signs of mental collapse; not eating...eccentric swimming...and obviously not long for this world.  Looks like another toilet bowl funeral is in the makings.  Max and I are getting pretty good at this drop and flush burial.

I better close and go see if we need to get the black toilet tank cover out again.  As always be good, play safe, and remember always make sure you flush fish twice.  

JR and Max


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