A firehouse staple

What do you write about when you have been without cell service and without a television for the last week? Though I did just return from a place like I just described, I had actually planned to share this prior to my trip. I have only been in fire stations a few times since retiring in 2010. Firefighters are famous for loving to eat, and firefighters are great cooks. I thought that I would share what used to be a firehouse staple when I was on the job, and have not enjoyed it since I left.
Firehouse Pasta Salad
Ingredients include:    
2 boxes of spiral pasta
1 or 2 packs of imitation crab legs
2 cucumbers
1 bag of frozen peas
2 bunches of fresh broccoli
1 bunch of spring onions
2 tomatoes
2 cans of pineapple chunks
Old Bay seasoning
Dressing of your choice

Boil pasta, based on the box’s instructions; once the pasta is ready, pour into a strainer; place the frozen peas on top of the pasta, and rinse with water. If you will be serving the pasta before refrigerating, place ice on top of the pasta in the strainer, and rinse with water.

Cut up all of the vegetables; the broccoli needs to be cut in florets, in other words, just the tops.

Cut the crab legs in bite size pieces.

Mix the vegetables, crab legs, pasta and drained pineapple chunks.

If time allows, refrigerate the mix for about an hour.

Note: some like to mix the ingredients with mayonnaise; I prefer no mayo, but this is your salad.

Serve in a big bowl; small bowls just do not cut it. Season with Old Bay to taste, and mine will be coated with Catalina dressing.

Some prefer baby steamed shrimp that has been frozen. Just place them in a small pan of boiling water for a few minutes.

Incidentally, pasta salads are even better after the leftovers have sat in the refrigerator for one, two or three days.

Be sure to buy some Club crackers, and have some peanut butter (smooth or chunky) close by. Some just need a little filler.

You’re going to love it! By the way, the above recipe will serve 6-8, with a little left over.


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