Max does not like parking garages

Hello and welcome back to the beautiful and sometimes unusual Dogpound.  Some months ago…about a year ago I wrote about my problems getting out of a garage parking lot.  In that incident I had put my credit card in upside down and instead of just spitting it back out at me and telling me to try again, it decided to keep it. It took a long time to get an assistant down to let me and the dozen cars behind me out of the garage.  

Well, it happened again this week at a vacation resort I visited over the weekend. This time I put my credit card in correctly but it just refused to do anything other than spit it out.   There was no one in sight and the call button did not get anyone to respond.  My co-pilot happened to notice a machine over by the wall that allowed you to prepay before you approached the gate.  

Many airports have this in their parking garages.  You pay ahead of time…then you just put your paid ticket into the slot to leave the airport.  I put my ticket in…it said I owed “X” dollars and it would take credit cards or money.  I put my credit card in and it spit it out…the little window flashed, “Cannot process card.”  I tried a different credit card but found out that I had to put the ticket back in again, and then enter the new credit card.  Same results… “Cannot process card.”  I went through three credit cards…all that I had on me and none seemed to be “acceptable.”    

Maybe my credit was no good with them…I do not know…but I figured cash would work when all else fails.  Well, all else fails when it will not accept your money…would not even take in and then spit out.  Not even a “Sorry your money is no good here either.”  Bummer.  

Now there was a call button on the machine…tried it and a lady answered.   After hearing about my dilemma, she promptly hung up and refused to pick up the phone again.   Last ditch effort before breaking the gate bar was a “help” phone number attached to the pay machine.  Another lady answered…obviously a different one, because she did not hang up.  She called for a maintenance guy to come down and let us out of our little prison.  

As no hurry..he shows up, opens the control box and manually lifts the gate to let us out.  We were grateful not only to be let out but also that we did not have to offer any more credit cards or cash for our release.

That is a wrap.  As always be good, play safe, and remember it might be a good idea to keep a big hammer and saw in your car…just in case you have to make a break for it.  

JR and Max


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