Baty, Mr. Norman Richard Jr., 54, of Chester, a Marine Corps veteran, husband of Nancy Ingle Baty.
Burchett, Mrs. Vivian M., 76, of Chesterfield, widow of Carlos Burchett Jr.
Fitzgerald, Mr. Justin Brent, 25, of North Chesterfield.
Hartbarger, Mrs. Chasity Gail, 37, of Chester, wife of Doug Hartbarger.
Heater, Mrs. Sarah Lois McGirt, 70, of North Chesterfield, wife of Larry J. Heater Sr.
Hutchins, Mr. Richard Avalon, 43, of North Chesterfield.
Johnson, Mr. John “JC,” 62, of Chester, a Vietnam War Army veteran,husband of Susan L. Johnson.
Jones, Mrs. Helen Worland, 92, of Chester, widow of Cabell “Kilowatt” Jones.
Lee, Miss Geannie Dale, 61, of North Chesterfield.
Lewerenz, Mr. William F., 86, of North Chesterfield, an Army veteran, husband of Clara Lewerenz.
Mahone, Mr. Finley III, 62, of Ettrick.
Martin, Mrs. Furn Price, 93, of Chesterfield, widow of William B. Martin.
Mueller, Mrs. Constance Gigliotti, 67, of Chester, wife of William Mueller.
Schmidt, Mr. Richard Hand, 62, of Chesterfield,husband of Deborah Yvonne Brabson Schmidt.
Seay, Mr. Thomas Dale, of Chesterfield, husband of Jenny S. Seay.
Shaw, Mrs. Sally Bishop, 53, of Chester, an Army veteran,  wife of Joshua Shaw.
Tucker, Mrs. Lucy Ann Dalton, 76, of Chester, wife of Ramsey “RT” Tucker.


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